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Oh where have I been and where am I going? At times it feels like in circles, sometimes what’s up is down and what’s down is up, no two moments are ever alike. I have noticed recently, lets say in the last six months, a surge of creativity pushing to get out in new ways.  As with everything I look at and consider in life, I had to wonder why. I have come up with a very basic instinct that has come alive within me again. That instinct being DESIRE. We all are blessed with it, unfortunately trauma that life can unleash upon us, quite often will stifle and bury desire, leaving one to feel ungrounded and or without purpose. I mean if you are not able to feel desire to do anything, imagine how numbing life must feel. Desire lights the fire under our feet and keeps us moving towards our goals, fanning the flames.

Lets face it, a great many people walking the earth right now have been deeply traumatized in one way or another and their desire has slipped away in increments leaving them feeling like cardboard cutouts with no substance. We all have desire inside of us, but we need to figure out ways to activate it if ours has gone silent. Living is not truly living without desire to enhance the journey. I would imagine it would be safe to say that desire gets stuck and buried beneath layers of old muck we carry around in our heads. Just like a sink drain, if we unclog it the water flows freely down the drain once again without effort. We must clean our minds of the old muck still hanging on because of old beliefs we harbor and cannot seem to shed. Negative beliefs have been drilled into our subconscious where they fester and eat away at our minds, hijacking our thoughts and holding us back. This kills desire big time!

As far as my latest creative burst of energy goes, it is emerging I believe as I have worked on accepting what is in myself I can’t change and changing what I can to improve my life as best as possible. One must stay in motion for standing still hardens the cement beneath our feet. Over many years of fixing or trying to fix whatever I thought needed fixing, I have come to the conclusion that until I change my old, basic, core beliefs that hold me back, no change has a chance of taking form. Impossible. Like that Einstein quote about “You can’t solve problems  with the same minds that created them.” So right! I wanted to share a program I am going to try should anyone else desire to eliminate old tapes that hold them back so they can begin fresh, with a healthy desire intact. The program is called Psyche-K and is well worth investigating. I’ll let you know what transpires. Have a great weekend.

Blessings to all,