Are We Learning?


I watch all the confusion going on in the world as well as towns and cities all across the country and I think  “Are we going to get things right this time?” This stage in our evolution is demanding a great deal from us, from every aspect of our being. It is like a lever has been switched on and people everywhere seem compelled right now to figure out who they really are and what kind of lives they are living. Something far greater than ourselves is calling us to service to get our own houses in order. We are but micro pieces in a macro puzzle we call life. What it seems we are finally finding out is that we all play a part in what is occurring, here, there and everywhere. The switch was flipped and we all began the earnest quest to complete ourselves for acceptance into the next level of whatever lays ahead.

But, that said, who or what are we fixing ourselves for? We need to be clear on this. Are we fixing ourselves so we better fit in with normality in todays world, or are we  fixing ourselves through compassion to become the best that we can be so we create a strong foundation for the new world unfolding? I know I don’t wish to fit in with today’s normality, for I see it as insanity. For a lifetime I have been trying to fit into a world where I felt I didn’t belong when all along the world in which I didn’t belong was struggling to belong in me. Whose to say there even is a world? We all perceive things differently, define things differently, there is no one right or wrong world. Rather than waste time and money on walls to separate ourselves why not spend that time and money on healing the minds in the world that create the division and hate so no walls will be needed in the future? We must not only be able to see what is wrong in the world, but be able to envision and create new ways to fix it.

What our bodies and minds are scrambling to uncover right now that is causing so much confusion, is not how do we to fix ourselves, but rather how can we become the best of who we can be just as we are? How can we create a life that is giving and open and loving and inspiring and enlightening to all those we encounter and be ourselves? How can we make our lives have meaning? How can we help those around us who need support and guidance in finding greater inner strength? That is where we are headed I believe. This sweeping change we are witnessing  is the innate drive within us all telling us it is now time to usher in the new paradigm. So many are confused because they don’t know who they are or who they wish to be and so they don’t know where to begin the process.

Begin by quietly sitting down and asking yourself questions and honestly answer them. What truly makes me happy inside? What is holding me back? What inspires me? What do I have to offer the world? Everybody has something! WHO ARE YOU?  Have you ever really asked yourself or given it much thought?If we can figure out what inspires us, what makes life have meaning for us, we at least know what direction to aim our boat in. If we pursue what brings us joy and meaning and pride, then we are being true to who we are meant to be, NOT who we are told to be. We must find the courage to stand up and do what we feel drawn to do. If it is what we are meant to do there will be little resistance versus if we try to force a false way of being upon ourselves, we fight an uphill battle. Right now there are glaring examples being mirrored back to us of what we are doing to our lives. Everything it seems is falling apart in the world, but that is necessary, to show us where we are going wrong, what needs changing and to make space for a new and better way of being to fill the void.

No change comes without discomfort, it just doesn’t.  That doesn’t mean we should fear change. Quite the opposite, we need to embrace it and flow with it like a dance as we whirl wildly through the universe. It is time to start releasing all of our old ways of thinking and believing we have lived by forever and free ourselves from restraint. Our lives  are far different and far deeper and far richer than we were ever led to believe, but believe we must. There is a new world that awaits and it is whatever we desire it to be.

Blessings to all,