Putting It Out There….


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I was reading a post on another blog today and it got me thinking. We are smack dab in the middle of the most turbulent planetary feat of all times, changing paradigms and we have no music to capture the memories of this journey in. We are truly the New Americana but we need stronger connection to get the process completed. Yes of course there are pockets of music for the different generations, but think back to the 60’s! That was when the last major planetary shift occurred and the music was not only across all age brackets it was UNIVERSAL!!! This is what we are lacking. Music reaches unfathomable depths within the human psyche , it lodges itself there and it piggy backs along with us throughout our journey in life. We hear it and it instantly brings forth recall of times that are monumental in one way or another. Like remembering where you were when 9-11 happened, or the magic of Woodstock. All life altering moments are well-preserved in our cellular memories. But what music do we have now that can hail such popularity to join together millions of hearts and minds again, regardless of all the limitations we place on ourselves?

These remarkable times call for remarkable music to capture souls and open hearts and minds. It has happened before and it can happen again! We were not so distracted in the 60’s. Maybe we should think about that. When was the last time a band grabbed the attention of the worldwide masses and ran with it? It has been a good long time since music spoke of the times and was listened to by all. I’m putting out to the universe that we need a good shot of music in our arms again. We need to wake up and rejoin the rhythm of life that pulses through our veins. We need another group such as the sixties offered us. We were connected on a very deep level then and we have lost that, but I don’t think we realize it. So creator, I pray you send to Earth a new rush of music to lift up hearts and minds and bring us all together on the same level once again.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come to the ground, we have lost our connection and it needs to be found.

Blessings to us all,


12 thoughts on “Putting It Out There….

    • So many people I talk to are missing a really strong band that captures the moment for what the world is experiencing…We had so many good ones speaking for us in the 60’s, now suddenly it has gone quiet. Of course it doesn’t help when the music cabal keeps killing the good ones off 😦 Be well! VK ❤

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    • Now how do we find the right band to bring us together? Kinda hard to just come up with the Beatles out of thin air and they can’t be associated with the corruption of the music industry either. We were so close in the 60’s but I think we got too stoned to finish the shift. Time to get it right this time and move forward TOGETHER and humming the same song in our heart…Have a happy!!!! VK ❤


    • I feel it in my heart TL…It was your blog I was referring to. I was going to link to you but I didn’t think it best without your consent. We need someone strong like the Beatles or the musicians of the 60’s that grabbed so many people’s attention. Someone who can speak to this whole transition we are experiencing so it gets remembered forever in the halls of music…. VK 🙂

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      • I thought it was, VK… and no worries… link away! I believe the internet was designed for building connections.
        Do you know what I think would be good? If a choir were to do the grabbing this time around – not in a religious way or anything like that, but in a powerful, vocal, uplifting way that gets everyone talking. And what a better way to get a message across than by many voices singing as one. Just a thought. (We’ve had some good choirs on Britain’s Got Talent this year which is what sparked this idea)


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