10 thoughts on “Time For Change…

    • Hangin’ on by fingernails DW, but still hanging all the same….At least the garden is in and now the weeds are back with a vengeance….No rest for the weary, but I have to say it is glorious to be back in warm weather again and no snow 🙂 Yay!!!! Take care DW…Hope all is well…Hugs..VK ❤

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      • I have been in the garden today weeding between the veggies.. It was 2 degrees colder here yesterday 1st June than it was on Christmas Day.. 🙂 we are going backwards again lol.. Such is the world at the moment! 😉

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    • Oh lol !!! Same here unfortunately. Put all my house plants outside two days ago and now suddenly we are back down in the low 50’s. They are not happy! I just don’t want to encounter 30’s again! yikes! The world has been spun around so many times by insanity I think it is dizzy 🙂 Hang on DW…VK ❤

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      • Yes our Earth Mother is showing us in so many ways.. In Europe lots of Flooding right now, heavy storms, and rivers breaking their banks.. Austria, Germany and France affected some lives lost. ( I saw Texas had it bad also ).. 😦

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  1. Me too, VK. Hoping the younger generation has energy. I have been in it since 1966 and have gotten to a place of working from a meditative place. A gratitude place. But I know I have to stand up still. It just gets harder and harder. We will get there. We are the many.

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  2. This is wonderful VK. It’s David and Goliath time. We have to stand up.
    I just saw that Bayer just bought out Monsanto. Wow. They are now the biggest chemical company in the world and they are trying to get EPA to relax protections from spraying – Zika being the excuse this time.We can’t do nothing and let the bees all be killed. So many things to stand up for right now. It’s time.

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    • It’s exhausting trying to win this battle. I know personally my fight has raged on endlessly since 1996 and quite honestly, I am praying there are younger people coming up behind me to take the reins…We all do our part for sure but we cannot expect the same ones to keep fighting our battles for us. I just hope people are waking up enough to see that lies such as Zika are manufactured for a specific purpose, in this case for mass vaccination with God knows what….The dark know they are finished and sadly they will destroy all they can as they depart. Gaia has always been one of their targets and it is sad to watch. Just know that when we do finally gain our freedom, alternative patents will be released at long last and Gaia will finally see relief from this travesty.Her waters will be healed and the animals will breathe clean air again and the lost species will be replaced by new ones….We will get there! Blessings…VK ❤

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