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If we as a society were smart and used difficult moments to learn our lessons and move ourselves forward, we could shift ourselves up, but we don’t usually do that. Painfully we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Albert Einstein had it right when he spoke about the impossibility of changing our circumstances unless we change the thinking that got us in trouble in the first place! I am so utterly sick and tired of hearing the main stream media pound certain stories into the ground for ratings or worse to agitate the masses and create unrest. It is wrong and it needs to stop.

I am speaking in reference to the shooting and killing of the Gorilla in the zoo that grabbed hold of a young child who climbed the fence and then fell into the enclosure. Here is my frustrated take on the whole encounter.  Why does our sick society still demand that we cruelly capture and hold captive in zoos, glorious wild animals, just so society can  stand and stare at them?  Have we not come any further in our evolution than this? Do we think so little of our animal brothers and sisters that we do nothing to stop this? Can we not see that those animals are US and we would die of broken hearts if captured and placed in cages for the rest of our lives? We have this chance RIGHT NOW to set this story right! WE as a society can stand up and demand that this cruel practice no longer be allowed. Will we make bold moves to say we are better than this?

Not if the main stream media has anything to say about it. They only choose to ask questions that will inflame the people and keep the stories going. We need to wake up to a great many things that need to be changed if we ourselves don’t want to end up like the animals in zoos. Society needs to gather up its attention and start to realize these problems exist because we allow them to exist! If society continues to remain silent and not push for change, change will never come. the choice is ours!

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12 thoughts on “Chiming In…..

  1. I can see the need for endangered animals to be kept, to try to enable their numbers to recover, VK, but not in cages, but in large areas of land where they are free to wander. Reserves and the like. I’m tired of hearing about this incident too. There was a TV programme on a few weeks ago (I only caught a clip of it and didn’t want to see any more) where a zoo had too many giraffes, so instead of sending them to another zoo, they culled them and fed them to the lions. What is the point of having them in a zoo if this is what they are going to do??? That’s not looking after them, that’s poor management. Mind you, people are involved, so it’s hardly surprising!

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  2. There are SO many things we need to wake up to. Animal cruelty is a huge one. You make a good point about us becoming the caged animals. This is such a sad story. Infuriating.

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    • What is truly infuriating is to listen to the media plug this story, hour after hour and day after day. News has become nothing but propaganda to make them rich meanwhile people get hoodwinked and our reality suffers…. Very sick stuff indeed! I hate watching what is on TV but it is the only way I can keep connecting the dots and stay on top of what they are up to. They have become blatantly obvious in their moves.The media works for this White House pushing its agenda for them. They will grab anything for distraction purposes and worse make stuff up if need be. Look what happened with Katie Curic. Think that was a one time deal? No way. It goes on 24/7, she just happened to get caught and that blooper sent a powerful message out to the sleeping masses. It all sucks. Very hard to be awake right now for sure 😦 Thanks for popping in…VK ❤

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    • Hey Skyz…..Hope you had a great holiday weekend and all is well??? Yes, this drumbeat of whose to blame for killing Harambe, the parents or the zoo….NOOOOOO….WE did by allowing zoos of torture for our own sick pleasure to even be a part of our lives…..Disgusts me..Hugs to you….VK ❤


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