How You Think Matters!

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I was reading parts of a book recently called ‘Virus of the mind‘ by Richard Brodie about the new science of the meme.  Memes are the building blocks of both culture as well as of our own minds. So, what’s a meme you ask? A meme is a thought that basically gets imitated. The definition of a meme by Richard Brodie is as follows: “A meme is a unit of information in a mind whose existence influences events such that more copies of itself get created in other minds”. Think about that, then think about all of the programmed memes that have been drummed into society decade after decade and passed along from one mind to another, hence the title of the book ‘Virus of the mind”.

We have all been programmed constantly from birth to death and sadly without our even knowing it. I think the greatest meme we are battling today is sadly the meme of fear! Just about everything now shown on Television and geared towards influencing our minds, is fear driven. Fear this, fear that, bad things could happen to you if you don’t pay attention to what is being said, and to send the message home further, why not add videos, pictures and of course have someone of great importance deliver the message. Like the fact the White House uses Hollywood to promote its sick ideas, even today they have actors promoting immigration in a way they choose to tell us. The structure of what is said is important to watch, as is what words are left out or added in to hopefully sway our minds so we believe what they say. Everyday we wake up and get assaulted by memes directed at us to think the way THEY want us to think. I guess you could say memes are a form of mind control if used incorrectly.

I think we need to start asking ourselves how much of what we think about everyday is from our own personal thoughts and how much of what we think and believe is because of what memes we have been fed on a daily basis. Just look at the political nonsense being televised daily in hopes of getting us to choose this candidate or that candidate. It is spun with certain words in catchy phrases and completed with visuals to suck us in. It is kind of a scary thought as it seems like such a massive issue and so difficult to fight back against.  We could begin by not listening to everything we are told and believing it right off the bat as truth. Who says it is the truth? Do you research what you are told or do you just go along with believing it? It would seem society has become complacent and will now believe much of anything we are told. If the media doesn’t ask questions why should we? This is why the media have been made to stop asking tough questions that may activate our minds.

We need to question everything, because our lives depend upon it, otherwise we fall prey to someone else’s whims and 99% of the time those whims are not for our own good. We peons don’t have millions of dollars to buy up television time to make our ideas and concerns heard and level the playing field. We have sunk to our knees out of frustration and exhaustion trying to be heard. I guess it is time to enter the fray of the meme war and begin our own battle. For so long we have been led to believe that we have no voice, no power, no importance whatsoever outside of putting our hard-earned money into corporate pockets. We listen to negative memes over and over and I have to wonder when we actually became a society that believed everything we were told. When exactly did the news switch over and become hard-core propaganda?

Personally for many, many years now I have lived my life by doing the complete opposite of what the Government suggests. It makes life interesting and it has kept me outside the confines of their evil box of propaganda. Doing this  allows one to strengthen their ability to think for THEMSELVES! We do very little of that. Many minds have atrophied from not thinking on their own, but rather listening to and being told what to think. Perhaps it is imperative now that we create our own memes and fight back. Turn off the Boob Tube and start using memes with good and positive thoughts to give to your mind and all the minds around you. If we use short catchy phrases they tend to take on a life of their own hence the reference to Virus. Think of memes you have heard throughout your life that still stick. Remember “Where’s the beef?” Short and catchy. Why can we not counter the bad memes with good ones?

It seems like the brevity of tweets is showing us a way to be heard. If people stop listening to and believing in everything they are told and turn off their TV’s and tune into creating positive memes, eventually we will begin to shift how we think and move away from being slugs with non thinking minds to activists with vibrant minds able to see past the BS and grasp the truth. Spend some time and create some uplifting, inspirational memes and make them go viral on twitter. It’s there, lets use it to our advantage and stop playing Candy Crush. It is crushing your mind! We need to get creative and think outside the box for ways to fight back and shift the direction we are going in. We can do this, we just have to put aside our apathy and come alive again! It is time to start a meme revolution and raise ourselves up!

Meme for the day:  Let’s create A new Kind Of Government!

Blessings to us all,