Trying To Understand…

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It seems everyday now something completely insane occurs and it blows my mind. It’s not so much what happens that is so upsetting as it is knowing so many people are in that crazy  mindset I cannot make sense of. It is all too much to grasp and grab hold of, but then I started thinking… Are the things I find so disturbing  and insane normal to another dimensional way of seeing things? Has the shift already occurred but nobody realized it? This level of thinking and acting by so many that is frighteningly foreign and evil from how I am seeing and thinking about the world, has to be because it is happening in another dimension, I see no other explanation. Why are so many crazy people acting like Zombies, being fired up and excited by violence, going against the social structure of our country and turning it on its ear? For so long it has made no sense, I couldn’t comprehend, but this now begins to make sense to me. The insanity is all happening in another dimension from which I seem far removed thank goodness.

I could not understand for quite some time now how all of these wildly insane things were happening. It twisted my head inside out trying to find reason where none existed. Like the video of the grand opening ceremony held for the Gotthard Tunnel that just opened through the Swiss Alps. Sounds innocent enough, a ribbon cutting and then get on with things, but no. This is the insanity I am referring to so take a look and judge for yourself. I seriously doubt if you are on the same wave length that I am, that it will make any sense to you at all. I know what the dark is up to, I know what their end game is, but even then, it amazes me so many go along with this kind of warped thinking. Take note of the world leaders in attendance and it becomes even more upsetting to think these minds are running the world into oblivion. Then again remember, it is happening in another dimension.

While it is very disturbing what is happening to the world, I choose to check out from worrying about it, as it is happening there, wherever there is, and not in my immediate world. It is a total waste of good energy to get upset about things occurring around you that are not directly part of your world. If nothing going on in the world makes sense to you, then most likely you as well now reside in a different dimension. These times are trying to ones soul to say the least, it is hard to stay sane and hold on when the ground beneath your feet is shifting and cracking and morphing before your very eyes. But fear not! Detach and go about business as usual in your own world, because you are a long way away from the insanity in reality. Remember, you create your own reality with your thoughts and beliefs. If you don’t wish to be a part of the pandemonium going on around you, detach! Do not think about it, do not give it your time or attention, only give your attention to what matters in life, what is good and compassionate and worthy.

It seems detaching from that dimension of insanity and moving up is what is called for at this crazy time. Trying to understand it all is useless, your thoughts are not on the same wave length as what is taking place in Zombieland. There is no earthly way you will ever understand or be able to comprehend it, like trying to read the New York Times in first grade. It will not make sense, so stop trying to make sense of it. Detach and stay close to who and what does make sense. Therein lies your strength. Yes the whole world is upside down and inside out, but only in that old paradigm. Let yourself move beyond it and into a space of sanity and calm. We all need it desperately right now. You ARE NOT going crazy! That other dimension is crazy and it is time to get out! Stay peaceful and loving and around those who think like you and all will be well.

Blessings to us all,