Stay Awake…

It is more critical now than ever before to either wake up, or if you are already awake, stay awake! It can be easy to slide back into old routines and not stay vigilant to what is happening around you as well as in the world. If we want to level the playing field in this battle we find ourselves in, arm yourself with knowledge and a strong awareness of the truth. If you know what is going on, you know where your attention is needed most for survival. We have been given the power of the Internet and the advantage to know whatever it is we wish to know, so let us use this gift to empower ourselves and open our minds and face the truth with courage. We are drowning in a world of lies being flung from every direction and it is up to us to seek the truth which always gives us power. Stay awake and aware and prepared, but don’t forget to embrace joy everyday as well. We need to stay balanced on all levels. I am sharing this information so people who don’t know about this, can now know and hopefully awaken to the truth of what is going on just a little bit more. Stay strong, stay brave and be love.

Blessings to all,