Opening The Cage Door…

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I just wanted to briefly add in my two cents worth over the Brexit exit. This is a huge day and a massive burst of light onto the planet. It is a major downfall for the dark as their plans continue to crumble apart. Thank goodness! I sincerely hope we over here on the other side of the pond can find the courage to release our old story and push forward to create a new one. It is time right now for all of humanity to let go of what has been and embrace what will be, both within themselves and how we live and govern our lives. Freedom is dangling before us all like the golden ring on the merry-go-round. The big question is will we grab it as we go by?  I’m sending prayers out into the universe that we will. It is time for all of life to take a big step outside of the box and empower ourselves into becoming who we are all meant to truly be. Free to live as we wish. That will only come if we exercise our right to leave the old behind and trust all will be well ahead. Not easy to do but something we MUST find the courage to do if we wish to move forward.

Congratulations to Britain on freeing itself and inspiring the rest of the world to do the same. Well Done!

Blessings to us all,


7 thoughts on “Opening The Cage Door…

  1. Hi VK, and thanks!
    We have a whole new whole new ahead of us now. There are grumblings going on, but the vote was a close one so that’s understandable. The butterfly effect is certainly in motion now, however, rippling outwards! Now, what was it we were saying about change…? 😉

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    • I thank all of you Brits who voted to exit! Bravo and hopefully the US will follow as well. If we aren’t too brainwashed. That’s questionable….Change is scary but at the same time so refreshing and invigorating. Enjoy your new space TL….The change has truly kicked into high gear and freedom beckons. Have a happy! VK 🙂

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  2. Yeah, haha, the trust part can be a little hard. But being out of the box will be good. Have a great weekend VK!
    Peace and Freedom

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    • Yes, trust is a biggie to get right Mary….I’m working on that right now myself. For so long the lies and deception we have existed under have tended to destroy our trust. We all have to regain that back. You too enjoy your day…Peace to the world and to you as well…VK ❤


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