Inside The Waring Blender…..

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I don’t know about anyone else, but over the past year it has felt to me like I have been spinning endlessly inside a waring blender on high. Toss in a few generous handfuls of lies, war and propaganda, add to it a quart of fear,  cupfuls of staggering forced weather manipulation, destroyed lives and injured hope, then blend until smooth and you end up with where we are today. Dizzy, confused and betrayed on many, many levels. Some people remain inside the blender too weak or frightened to move, while others pull themselves up and over the edge and land in a gooey heap on the counter below, but still alive! Nothing a good shower can’t fix! This has been planned chaos for the world for a long time to gather control over the masses while they are at their lowest point.

Take that shower  to wash yourself off and stand tall, for we are moving forward again, in ONE piece. As our knowledge about what is going on around us increases, the chaos no longer matters, it no longer is part of our lives. Yes the world around us is imploding on every level imaginable, but really ONLY in the dark world, not in the light. A shift has taken place, it is as if we have slipped into a new space free of emotional traps that have held us forever in angst. We cannot be captured any longer by the insanity taking place, we have scrubbed it from our psyche.  It is not who or what we are meant to be. We are above the insanity and it is now time to extricate ourselves from the drama and place all of our attention and intention upon creating the NEW world unfolding.

The days of gathering together to save ‘the world’ are over, it is each and every one of us that needs saving on a personal level. This is our mission now, to reconnect with self and think for ourselves again. Now is the time when we must get our own individual houses in order, eliminate the negative beliefs we have all lived by that were created in another reality that we are no longer a part of. The world is filled with injured and traumatized people, humanity has endured massive abuse through either forced change to comply or through being denied the right to live our lives freely like we should have been allowed to do since day one.

Before we can create safety and peace in the world, we must first create safety and peace within ourselves. How can we create something if we have never experienced that ‘something’ ?  We have been trying to stuff a square peg into a round hole all this time. I think most of us have heard the phrase used ” Go within to find the answers.” How hard have we tried to grasp what that really means beyond the catch phrase?  It means not only must we go within and figure out who we truly are, heart and soul, but it also means we must go within and create peace and safety within ourselves so we can actively create it in the world, from a higher place. How can we create peace or feel peaceful and loving if we are in the abused state we are all in? This is like Global PTSD we’re talking about here. We need healing. We cannot heal the world until we heal ourselves personally. Period the end!

I know many people who over this past year have been working on themselves from the inside out, accepting what is and loving what is. It is not an easy job to say the least, but it is imperative we master this so we can rise above where we are now. Not a soul on the planet doesn’t have some form of baggage they are dragging behind them from living in this fear crippled, out of balanced world. We have all been marked by our experiences in one way or the other. We must work to free ourselves from the heavy restrictions and negative beliefs we have bought into which block our movement forward. I have often suggested people turn off their televisions because the false programming is what is forming humanity’s mindset. Main Stream Media lies to the world all of the time and we have been pushed constantly to believe what we see and hear. We are living in a false reality because of this.

Break free of the technological addictions. The controlled television programming that teaches us how to think and what to feel, the addicting social media that has stolen our time and attention and separated us from one another physically. We won’t truly know who we are until we are able to think for ourselves separated from everything we have been plugged into. This is a powerful journey to embark on but it is necessary to get from A to B.  Have courage, stay connected only with the reality of your own life, learn to know what you desire, how you feel, what you think and above all forgive yourself! What has happened in our lives is not our fault. We are survivors with PTSD and it is time to take care of ourselves and begin to heal ourselves and eventually the world will heal along with us.

Blessings to us all,




7 thoughts on “Inside The Waring Blender…..

    • I think DW we are being asked to go slow, pay close attention to EVERYTHING and of course think outside the box to stay the course. I’m a Gemini and do many things at one time, but even I am finding I need to pull back and deal with one thing at a time. These are serious matters and require our devotion and attention to details. I think we need to stop questioning our actions and as you say just go with the flow. The flow knows best!!!!! VK 🙂 ❤

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    • Thank you Mary…I appreciate your kind words. With a bit of hard work I think the world can heal itself of PTSD but we need to take action….Hopefully peace comes to fruition soon. Blessings and love…VK ❤


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