The Great Divide…

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Wow! These times have become a giant Rubick’s Cube to try and figure out! I have come to one understanding which I found profound. I see the whacked out political drama as a distinct display of two different consciousness factions fighting to gain power over the other. This is no simple Dems vs Repubs race this time around. It is the final battle between those awake and those asleep and that is why there can be no productive discourse between the people. There is no convincing different mindsets to change, there will be no crossing over to the other side going on here. The awake are awake and will never accept what the asleep are offering, more sleep, likewise the asleep are unable to accept the awakened way of serving the people because they either cannot or will not accept the truth of reality right now.

I struggle everyday with trying to understand how anyone who has lived these last eight years can possibly want four or eight more of the same. Didn’t they suffer through the corruption, lies and oppression just like everyone else did? Are they not just as susceptible to encountering an Isis attack as the rest of us? It blows my mind really. Obama has a high favor-ability rating right now. Really? How can anyone awake be in favor of a man who has driven America off the rails and into shark infested waters? It would seem it all comes down to what you believe in, fact or fiction and so this years presidential race is being steered by ‘if we believe in the lies still or if we have found the courage to see the truth and awakened’. This presidential race has become the battlefield for the final end game and the stakes have never been higher. People can only wake up if they want to, when they want to. It’s a lot of holding our breath and crossing our fingers right now to see what transpires.

We tend to insist we will believe what we want to believe and screw everything else. The only trouble is the world’s survival is at stake here. If people are hellbent on staying true to their party despite evidence to the contrary, then that is what is going to happen. The truth be damned, our freedom be damned. Scary times to say the least. I truly don’t want a lot of angry political push back on this in my comments, I don’t wish to be a part of the whole political sham in the first place and that is what is. The whole two-party system was nothing more than a bogus fantasy to make us think we were free to choose. Wrong. Wikileaks proved that point. I just am merely writing out my thoughts about what I see occurring in the world around me. These are difficult times to wade through and sharing our experience is key to keeping us together. Hang in there everyone and stay open to the truth! It’s what makes the world go round.

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I must say it is an amazing time to be alive and observing what is going on in the world these days. Much of the time it appears frustrating as we seem to go forward a step and back two or even three. It gives the illusion we are not making any progress. Just when you think the world is finally waking up to the truth and you dare to even imagine things are on their way to getting better, something comes along to slam you in the head and it says “Nope”. I personally find it very disturbing to see so many people still eager to keep allowing the dark to brainwash us, capture our attention and push us down further than we were before. Let’s take this Pokemon Go craze for example. Here we have millions of people willing to distract themselves from reality and run around and play games while the world is burning! It tells me those millions of people don’t have a clue as to what is going on. A very sad and extremely frightening thought. You hear a lot of people say ” “Oh, it’s just an escape from all the horror going on in the world.” Okay, I get that, times are extremely stressful, but really? Are playing games on cell phones and I Pods really going to help change the world for the better? Pokemon go is a massive surveillance scam dumbing down the masses.  People are always looking down, not up or out and many people no longer even know how to comfortably interact face to face with people or write a complete sentence with real words because of social media’s influence on the world. The further away from ourselves and reality we get, the more chaotic the world becomes. Time to re-connect!

This Pokemon Go game is not an overnight success by accident! It was designed by the very people who work so hard at suppressing the masses, keeping them in the dark and distracting them from what is REALLY going on. And everybody fell for it, AGAIN! They do this kind of thing over and over again and every time people fall for it, get pulled off into another reality all the while our lives are being altered drastically! We have become too sidetracked to pay attention for any length of time and look where that has gotten us! We are in a hole neck-deep in the muck and mire and haven’t got a clue how to get ourselves out. Like quicksand we seem to just keep being pulled down deeper and deeper into hell. That hell is not going away however, until we DO something to change what is going on and climb up out of that hell hole.

The political drama is just another false illusion and distraction as well, yet we seem to fall for the ridiculous two-party fantasy every time and our votes don’t even count. Even if there truly were two parties and our vote was counted, whomever gets the mind numbing position of President, he/she is not going to save us. It is time to face the hard cold truth of the matter, Our Government is looking out for itself and nobody else. We are all being given the same messages right now, to get our own lives together, to reconnect with what really matters in the heart, for a reason. It is only WE ourselves who can turn this hideous situation around. WE have to WAKE UP. We have to be willing to look at what we don’t want to see and listen to what we don’t want to hear and stop running from the reality of what really is.

This planet is twirling madly about in a frenzied whirlwind of lies and propaganda designed to keep us unaware and distracted while the dark patiently dismantles America piece by piece behind our backs and sometimes right in front of our face. These times are deadly serious and we best snap to and pay attention. If Hilary Clinton gets handed the White House keys the Supreme court will be altered drastically and not in a good way for America or the world. This is the end goal of the dark. To stay inside the White House, change the Supreme court and destroy everything we have struggled so long to do, free the people and live our lives the way we were supposed to. I don’t like to get political in my posts, but this is far beyond a case of ‘my candidate is better than yours’ argument. The survival of each and every one of us is gravely at stake.

It is our egos that make us argue so violently over politics, a defending of what we think is right and that is the problem. It really isn’t about how we feel or what we want, it is about what we must DO to save ourselves, to save humanity from crippling oppression that will be much greater than what we are already feeling today. May I suggest you go see the movie just released in theaters today called ” Hilary’s America” before you pull the lever in November. People it is time we educate ourselves to truth, not rely on what we have been led to believe and we must stop shutting our eyes and ears to what we don’t want to hear or see. The truth maybe lurking within what we avoid and it’s time to face it head on before the cell door closes and locks behind us. It is time to blow the dust off our brains, air them out and start to think for ourselves again!

Stay alert and believe in yourselves!


Love Your Whole Foods Store?

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I hate to break it to  everyone, Whole Foods is not honest for one thing and they have no desire to protect the planet or our health. Smoke and mirrors to jump on the organic train. It’s time to boycott WF and push them back into line. Are we not thoroughly sick and tired yet of being lied to? Are we sick enough to act yet? Here is the article of explanation….

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Just in case anyone is still sitting on the fence or still sound asleep to the truth, please enlighten yourselves a little more deeply and  wake up and save your life. If we have learned nothing else over the decades, let it be that we now finally get the importance of re-engaging with our everyday lives and taking care of OURSELVES, not being pampered and manipulated by our handlers! We have been led seriously astray by a Government insisting upon taking care of us to the point of weakness,  we no longer remember how to take care of ourselves.

Case in point is health care and our blind worship of the almighty words laid down by physicians as gospel. We are so disconnected from ourselves we don’t even pay attention to how we feel anymore until an illness finally screams loud enough for us to hear. It is time to take care of ourselves first and foremost, then and only then, all others. There is little we can do to help others if our own personal lives are beyond our reach. Come back to roost within your own lives, your own neighborhoods,  and back into reality. Leave behind the false promises and your quest for things and status to validate yourselves and finally realize you have everything you need right now, right where you are.

The quest for ‘more’ is a distraction of epic proportions that has dragged humanity away from the simple, honest act of living our lives while being present in that process. Begin that process by searching for the truth instead of living in the lie. Blessings to us all….Visionkeeper