July Forecast…

Water Takes Air
by Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney, VT
The cosmic weather of July, 2016, features a lack of Air and preponderance of Water, indicating that feelings will dominate our ability to gain a clear, neutral perspective. When Air is low and Water is high our mental faculties recede into the background as our emotions rush into the spotlight.

Old feelings, often long-buried and supercharged, rush to the surface. When this happens in more than one person at once, in groups such as marriages, families and nations, the intensity can get overwhelming.

By Deborah-Koff Chapin

Things are getting crazier and crazier in the collective drama of our time, which might be called The Final Act of a False Civilization. We stand at the major crossroads of our time and the way we handle this period will determine the fate of the world. ( I explore this in depth in the book I co-wrote with Ellias Lonsdale, Cosmic Weather Report: Guidance for Radically Changing Times, that can be ordered in bookstores and on Amazon).

As things heat up in here and out there, each of us is being confronted over and over from many angles with the choice of whether to cling to obsolete stories or claim the new story desperately striving to rise up from the soul of the world.

In the Old Story you stuffed your truth, love and Dream under a mask that enabled you to pass incognito among everyone else caught in the Masquerade. In the Old Story you forget you came from a miraculous cosmos as a soul in wonder, down to earth where you could bring your inner truth out in a radiant burst that blows away masks. You forgot you’re made of love, and, if you dig down deep enough, you can plant that love like a seed in a world that needs your love to grow stronger than the hate that surrounds it.

In the Old Story you paid allegiance to priests that molested children and politicians that sold your country to the Frackers and Destroyers. You got your news from corporate media and supported the Democratic Party because you thought they were infinitely better than the Republicans. You assumed these politicians would actually represent you rather than whore themselves out to Big Money.

Do you know that for years the White House has been serving pure organic meals to the First Family while the President and Congress fight GMO labeling and grant Big Agriculture a free pass to rape the land and poison everyone who can’t afford or doesn’t feel the need to eat organic? In the Old Story you tried diligently to get into a college where you could learn a skill or prepare for a career. You believed in professors and doctors and hospitals and priests and presidents and news reporters and congress.

By 8-s-o-u-l-s-8

But a sick force of greed stole the credibility of these societal guardians away.

We can no longer believe that doctors who vaccinate our children are on the side of truth. We can no longer expect politicians – whether Democrats or Republicans – to represent us. How can you trust a government which takes billions of dollars from Monsanto in return for making laws where people that Monsanto poisons with cancer no longer have a right to sue them? How can you trust a government that allows several geothermal plants to pump toxic waste into the base of the San Andreas fault, setting up the west coast cataclysm that is sure to follow?

As the Old Story dies, the New Story striving to be born involves a return to what’s true and real and necessary and inspirational just as so many things we used to believe in crumble. The truth is that the civilization that’s dying had to die because it was strangling the soul of the world. If you step outside of corporate-controlled US media, the death spasms of American democracy become obvious to watchers in many countries, who are shaking their heads in disbelief as the United States is being exposed as the Biggest Fool of All.

But in the layers of supercharged feeling buried underneath that old fool, down below the histrionic final act of a False Civilization, an urge for the truth and love that we rose up to proclaim in the 1960s is coming back again. When you can no longer believe in your priests and idols it’s time to ignite the great radiance of your soul, band up with like-minded spiritual outlaws, and overthrow the reign of abusers, frackers, liars and wasters. Nothin’ more to lose…
Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
2012 and the Cosmic Weather Report can be ordered from bookstores and Amazon. www.markborax.com

Just A Reminder….


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I write this short post primarily to my American readers because of what is going on over here, but it certainly can be understood by anyone wherever you may live. I am sure everyone is fully capable of feeling the rising tension in the air, it is thick and almost suffocating. Please, everyone, turn off the televisions and stop being sucked into the drama that is intended to invoke fear in your hearts. We MUST NOT place our thoughts on such things. The scales right now are still tipped way out of balance and this concerns me a great deal. I would like to have seen us further along this path than we appear to be, but that said, it is never too late so keep up the good fight!

Socrates was right on point when he said ” The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Forget what the incompetent fools are up to, none of it is good, it is all evil and certainly not for the good of all. Do not waste your energy on this fact. Take all of your energy, what little we have left after this exhausting journey we have endured and start building up the new!!! It requires us to be able to think for ourselves and think outside the box and many have lost that ability due to the propaganda programming going on. It is why I say shut off your TV’s! Be quiet with yourself, ask yourself what kind of life you wish to live and go after it. This is your purpose, this is your job. Only you are stopping yourself! Envision how you want life to be and start building upon that foundation from the ground up and outward in ever direction.

Let’s face it, we are watching our country come unglued right before our eyes, we feel we can trust no one, and yet we have each other. No, the Govt is not going to help you, the politicians are not going to help you, the laws of the country are failing us and we have little duct tape left to hold things together. Toss the duct tape! We need to crash and burn so we can rebuild a better world. The system is far too corrupt and the scales remain tipped far to the side of the dark and its even darker agenda that is unfolding. The faster the system implodes the sooner we can get on with things and begin building the world of peace and compassion we so long for. We MUST wake up and accept the cold fact that life as we knew it is GONE, never to be again, but a new life can and is unfolding and that new life needs our attention and our life blood. That new life is the one of freedom and compassion for all.

Blessings to us all in these sad times….Prayers to all whose lives are being cut short!