7 thoughts on “Have Faith…

    • Agreed DW….My blogging has dropped way off, not because I don’t like doing it and I know I love my people, it’s just not fitting in with where things are right now. We have a great deal of serious insanity to deal with right now. Over here the presidential election is imploding and heaven knows what will happen come November at the election….Hilary’s dishonesty is pouring out of the hole in the political dike and she can’t seem to fill the hole. The damage has been done and seems to continue. We knew the truth was going to come out, I just never expected it to be so out front and in your face. We shall see. Interesting times ahead for sure. I feel like nesting before the explosion happens so I can stay safe and sane…. 🙂 Hugs your way…VK

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      • Yes Nesting is a good phrase to use.. I think we have to centre ourselves within our own BEing and in doing so we can help the world if we do not get embroiled in all the Fear, Anger and Projected tactics that are doing the rounds on both political fronts right now.. Here Brexit is still echoing in the news every day.. As well as opposition leaders jostling for power.. Its Crazy.. Which is why I am opting out of the Madness..
        I would sooner dig among the Earth Worms in the allotments than watch the worms on TV 🙂 xxx ❤

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