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I write this short post primarily to my American readers because of what is going on over here, but it certainly can be understood by anyone wherever you may live. I am sure everyone is fully capable of feeling the rising tension in the air, it is thick and almost suffocating. Please, everyone, turn off the televisions and stop being sucked into the drama that is intended to invoke fear in your hearts. We MUST NOT place our thoughts on such things. The scales right now are still tipped way out of balance and this concerns me a great deal. I would like to have seen us further along this path than we appear to be, but that said, it is never too late so keep up the good fight!

Socrates was right on point when he said ”Β The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Forget what the incompetent fools are up to, none of it is good, it is all evil and certainly not for the good of all. Do not waste your energy on this fact. Take all of your energy, what little we have left after this exhausting journey we have endured and start building up the new!!! It requires us to be able to think for ourselves and think outside the box and many have lost that ability due to the propaganda programming going on. It is why I say shut off your TV’s! Be quiet with yourself, ask yourself what kind of life you wish to live and go after it. This is your purpose, this is your job. Only you are stopping yourself! Envision how you want life to be and start building upon that foundation from the ground up and outward in ever direction.

Let’s face it, we are watching our country come unglued right before our eyes, we feel we can trust no one, and yet we have each other. No, the Govt is not going to help you, the politicians are not going to help you, the laws of the country are failing us and we have little duct tape left to hold things together. Toss the duct tape! We need to crash and burn so we can rebuild a better world. The system is far too corrupt and the scales remain tipped far to the side of the dark and its even darker agenda that is unfolding. The faster the system implodes the sooner we can get on with things and begin building the world of peace and compassion we so long for. We MUST wake up and accept the cold fact that life as we knew it is GONE, never to be again, but a new life can and is unfolding and that new life needs our attention and our life blood. That new life is the one of freedom and compassion for all.

Blessings to us all in these sad times….Prayers to all whose lives are being cut short!



9 thoughts on “Just A Reminder….

  1. Hi, VK! I felt like offering you a virtual hug after reading your comments over on my madness post earlier so I dashed across as soon as I could to do so! Here you go – ((a virtual hug!)) πŸ˜€
    We’re surrounded by chaos at the moment… that is clear, but by keeping clear – a clear head, that is – we can slide through it like a hot knife through butter. Major changes this side of the water as well – we’re on the cusp of getting our second woman prime minister, the UK may not be as ‘U’ as before, the EU is trying to boot us out with force, the world’s currency is in turmoil, and ex-PM Tony Blair has been brought almost to rights about his decision to enter the war in Iraq based on dodgy information.We have all that going on, and I’ve started painting watercolour. Can you believe it? I hope some of the paintings generate laughter. Laughter’s good amidst chaos. Laughter’s good amid anything.
    Take it easy, and keep bobbing along. Enjoy the journey no matter what difficulties suddenly appear out of the blue… but be prepared. We know they are coming, however flowered-up they may first appear.

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    • Hey there TL…Thanks for the hug…Could you hear the sigh of release? Yeah, things are crappy that’s for sure, but it’s good at the same time. Things can’t rebuild until the original is gone which is what is happening now. The storm clouds are gathering but we have our umbrellas! The truth shall both shield us as well as set us free. Far too many are awake now to ever put that tooth paste back in the tube. As in birthing a child, there is no way of avoiding the inevitable end result. We have begun our shift and there is no going back, only forward no matter how difficult the terrain. Keep that paint brush moving!!! You have improved so much as you’ve gone along. I hope you are proud of your accomplishments! Good job my friend. Thanks for the hug and understanding words. We are all here for one another and we have to not forget that! Blessings and hugs back…VK <3.

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  2. Yes! We must vision for a new world of peace, compassion and health. Fortunately I don’t have a tv at home. I just get to watch the Nature channel out the window!

    Blessings, Love and Light to you VK

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