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Just in case anyone is still sitting on the fence or still sound asleep to the truth, please enlighten yourselves a little more deeply and  wake up and save your life. If we have learned nothing else over the decades, let it be that we now finally get the importance of re-engaging with our everyday lives and taking care of OURSELVES, not being pampered and manipulated by our handlers! We have been led seriously astray by a Government insisting upon taking care of us to the point of weakness,  we no longer remember how to take care of ourselves.

Case in point is health care and our blind worship of the almighty words laid down by physicians as gospel. We are so disconnected from ourselves we don’t even pay attention to how we feel anymore until an illness finally screams loud enough for us to hear. It is time to take care of ourselves first and foremost, then and only then, all others. There is little we can do to help others if our own personal lives are beyond our reach. Come back to roost within your own lives, your own neighborhoods,  and back into reality. Leave behind the false promises and your quest for things and status to validate yourselves and finally realize you have everything you need right now, right where you are.

The quest for ‘more’ is a distraction of epic proportions that has dragged humanity away from the simple, honest act of living our lives while being present in that process. Begin that process by searching for the truth instead of living in the lie. Blessings to us all….Visionkeeper

Please share your thoughts so we can all come together...Thank you.

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