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I think it is important talk about being fully aware of reality at this time. Things are crazy, extremely disturbing and quite often chaotic and it is critical that we move into our hearts at this time and get out of our heads! No matter how long we think through things for answers, there are none to be found due to the fact that nothing makes sense any longer. To try to make sense of what is going on creates over thinking and brain fatigue. Our minds become over stimulated, stretched beyond our capacity to take in any more information. It all becomes overwhelming and this is why we must consciously disconnect from it all. Go within, listen to what your heart tells you you need, feed your soul, not your head. Our souls are starving while our minds are growing obese from digesting drama. If we do not disconnect we will eventually short-circuit. So please, a word to the wise, remember to stop listening to the incessant drone of television hypocrisy and propaganda and plug back into nature, calm, peace and tranquility. It’s out there, we just have to make the effort to join it. Think with your heart, it’s where we all need to be from here on out.

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Most of us over the years of growing up have heard the phrase “Silence is Golden,” meaning there is much peace and truth to be found in the stillness of silence. This is quite true and I often encourage others to be still and go within in search of true self. There is a time when silence is not golden, however.  Silence can be quite detrimental if we remain silent when great wrongdoing is taking place. In that case our silence allows the wrongdoing to continue and escalate as we turn away from what is going on. To be honest, I am stunned by the huge blanket of dark silence that has fallen over this country.

At this present moment in time we are witnessing great wrongdoing and yet very little is said about it.  We are now seeing main stream media lying outright to the American people about the reality of what is happening. It has now gone far beyond just being biased reporting! Media is now purposely not covering certain stories that may be damaging to one candidate at the same time distorting facts to purposely damage the other candidate in this Presidential race. This is not only outrageous, it seems criminal not to tell the truth and ALL of the truth, not just cherry picked bits and pieces. The dishonesty of the media and yes the Government as well, has become quite shameful and quite honestly I think they should be held accountable for what they are doing. The unsuspecting people must not fall for the wool being pulled over their eyes. This must end!

Our Judicial system as well has turned its back on seriously finding the truth and standing up for the American people. It has NO business becoming political and withholding consequences for those committing crimes. Lady Justice was always looked upon as the foundation of America, but no more. It is a disgrace. If we do not have Justice we no longer have a strong foundation to stand on. It is time we speak out and voice our displeasure with what is happening to our country. Between political correctness, anti police rhetoric, distrust in regards to our system of Government and our  wide open borders that allow  in unwanted and unsavory people, we need to stand up and demand better now! Now while we still can.

Silence over what is happening in our country today is not golden! It black and dark and quite disturbing. Fortunately humanity continues moving forward now regardless, in search of better ways of being humans in this world. We are being asked to look deep inside to see what truly matters. We can be better by opening our hearts to ALL people and ending our prejudice and judgment of others, by choosing honesty over lies, by choosing  giving over taking, kindness over hostility, and most importantly love over hate. It is up to each of us to first make these qualities a part of our own story, then demanding that those who lead us do the same. We are at that all important fork in the road where we can choose to go left or right or go straight ahead and stay with what we already know or find the courage to branch off on a new road and try something different. Our time has come, but if we remain silent, nothing will ever change! There can be no change without movement, there can be no movement without intention and there can be no intention without desire.

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