Greed vs Giving…

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It has been interesting watching the world implode lately and trying to make sense of it all. What we are witnessing is the final  desperation of the dark to hold on to their empire, their anxiety of losing the battle has them lashing out wildly in all directions in a feeble attempt to keep control of the situation. I was thinking about how we got to where we are today, where and when did this madness all start. It began really on November back in 1910 when we were all sold down the river during a meeting on Jekyll Island in Georgia where the bogus Federal Reserve was created and we all became unknowing slaves to the system. That shows me a beginning place to start, but then again, how did those men get to be who and what they were?

It seems to me the root cause for our fall from grace came about because of GREED. It takes over people’s lives like the progression of cancer, its malignancy knows no boundaries, as we have witnessed its progress into the highest stations in life. Once comfortably settled within, it festers and rots there, taking control of people’s brains, feeding off of their constant need for more, warping their thinking and altering their reality. It is powerful and addictive and hard to separate oneself from. In order to satisfy greed they must first control their environment. Greed and the need for more unfortunately spawns a necessary numbing to morality, to truth or consequences. It rapes ones soul stripping it bare and exposing it to further disease. One soon learns to be able to disregard and disrespect life in their push to move higher. Nothing matters.

We all have a choice to either dance joyously around the circle of life, giving as we go or we can steal our way around the toxic circle of life taking what we can and destroying that dance of life in the process. If one were to write down a list of the pros and cons of greed vs giving, the negatives of greed would weigh the scale to one side for sure. Greed is destructive versus Giving which is uplifting to life. There are so many wonderful attributes to giving, it fills the heart with good feelings, it can offer help to another in need, it is a form of communication, it is genuine and a window into the heart.  Good and positive things grow out of someones gift of giving, both to the giver as well as the receiver. It is a win win situation and yet we have forgotten how to give. Living in this ruthless environment we call life right now has stolen the desire to give. All we tend to witness around us is the taking.

It is time to refresh our personal list of life laws we choose to live by. Hopefully being giving and compassionate is on that list of who we want to be. We have become a world of takers and it is leaving us with a hollow, empty feeling inside we try desperately to fill with material things to distract us from realizing we are on the wrong path. If we wish for our leaders to heal and end their addictions and heal the world, we too must heal ourselves. How honestly giving are we? How much of ourselves are we willing to share with others? Are we compassionate and kind and outgoing? Do we often reach out to help others or do we refrain from it? Good questions to ask ourselves if we strive to make the world a better place.

We are watching a very sick  hierarchy crumbling like dust before our very eyes. Their perceptions about life have driven them off the rails and into the mud. As the world shifts and stretches itself to the new awareness taking hold, the old ways of thinking are thankfully no longer working and it can no longer be hidden from view. The failures are front and center and we must be willing to accept them and move on to a new and better way of being in the world. We were written off into slavery back in Georgia in 1910, but it doesn’t mean things have to remain that way. This is the battle we are watching unfold today, where the good side is saying ” Nope! You have had your time, now it is ours, so move over and hush up!”

Creator never meant for us to become 9-5 worker bees until the day we die! That was the plan of a few hatched at Jekyll Island to prosper off the many. Creator put us here to live life fully and joyfully and lovingly towards all, to be free to explore ourselves and our lives we are living, not locked away behind desks from life as it whizzes by outside the window. We have never asked ourselves questions about the lives we are living, we just follow along like good sheep. So ask yourself ” Did Creator put me here to work 9-5 or did he put me here to explore life, find out who I am, learn how to love, how to give and receive, how to BE? These are the truths we are waking up to and trying to come to terms with. It is a difficult road to go down, but we must if we wish to free ourselves.

Blessings to all,