Trying To Make Sense….

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I awoke this morning and turned on the TV to see what the weather will be for today and as I passed through some news stations to find the weather channel, I saw where yet another riot and killing have taken place and businesses were set ablaze. I could feel rage swell up inside me and my stomach began to seize with angst. Not again? I looked briefly at the weather for the day and shut off the black box of horrors and went out to sit on the porch and listen to the wildlife awakening. Far more pleasing. I watched a thick layer of clouds settle itself on distant mountaintops then begin to slide its way towards the mountaintop where I live. Yep, looks like another gray day.

As I sat and tried to quell the unrest I was feeling within, I decided to sit with it for a while and figure out what it was I was experiencing. The biggest emotion to raise its head was frustration followed quickly by anger. I tend to think what I am feeling is probably a wide-spread feeling among many. As I briefly looked at the fire and destruction being unleashed on an impoverished neighborhood, that was when the frustration and anger set in. Not against what was being done so much but rather against what is NOT being done. We wouldn’t be seeing this unrest and anger boiling over if compassionate and caring people were running the country, but instead we have brain-dead politicians who look the other way in their quest to better their own lives!

Why in God’s name are we still allowing our Government to invoke race wars to divide us? Why has nothing ever been done to improve the lives of those less fortunate and give them the opportunity to rise above their circumstances? This is not just an issue created by Government, it is an issue because we allow it, we do not demand equality for all, we do not stand up for what is right against what we know is wrong. We too turn away and allow the problem to fester and grow by our silence. Every inner city in America needs to be revitalized, inner city schools need to be rebuilt and updated to the 21st century! People blame what is happening on ignorance and anger. Well yeah! You’d be angry too if you were always looked down upon, not given proper education so you could raise yourself up out of poverty, you were consistently targeted and if your city where you live was a dungeon of filth, decay and NO HOPE!

This is the frustration that builds within me. I can see what is wrong yet nothing ever changes, the Government continues it rhetoric and lack of support, it continues to take away from people rather than reaching out and giving them hope, it continues to create problems so they can supposedly find a solution that never comes. This is what is so frustrating, but even more is the frustration that arises out of the people’s silence! That we the people never stand up and  refuse to follow along and accept what is. We the people continue to allow inequality and injustice to continue as long as it is not in our neighborhoods! This speaks to a much larger problem going on here unfortunately. It speaks to the fact humanity still hasn’t learned how to embrace ALL life and stand together to make the world better. We still see ourselves as separate and not whole.

This Presidential campaign going on right now in America is the biggest farce in the world and equally as frustrating I might add. Neither candidate will bring change to the country only more of the same. We have corruption and lies on one side and an egomaniac on the other who sees conquest as a way of life. What saddens me so deeply is seeing millions of blind people still playing the game, still believing the lies, still waiting for someone to save them. We must SAVE OURSELVES people! It is time to say NO, we wish to create a new and fair and honest Government. We no longer wish to partake in the corruption and lies. We will NOT follow along this time, we vote for change, complete change that tosses the bums out and begins anew.

My heart breaks for the people held hostage by poverty and lack of possibilities. They stagnate in an environment of no hope ever coming just like so many others feel about the state of this country, only worse. It is time to rise up and take our lives back, then again did we ever really have them to begin with? It will only get worse, more violent, more depressing if we don’t stand strong and refuse to play the game any longer. What has to transpire before we jump up and take action? How much inequality must take place before we truly feel inside that we are all one and we are willing to fight for each other? We are all in the same ship sailing into the unknown and the sooner we realize this the faster change can unfold.

I know I often write about things people may not want to hear or truths they may not wish to face, but I refuse to stay silent and turn away. I wish to be part of making the world a better place and securing our freedom, and not be part of the existing problems plaguing us all. For me and probably for many out there, these are tough times! Frustration rages and we are drowning in dishonesty by those who hold office. It has got to STOP! Not tomorrow, today, we cannot waste anymore time playing the game and wearing blinders to the truth. It is now or never. Find the courage to step outside the box and say NO, I will no longer play along. I choose freedom, honesty, and compassion as a way of life and I will no longer tolerate corruption, injustice and inequality! Freedom and caring for ALL !!!

Blessings to us all,




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