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I think it is important talk about being fully aware of reality at this time. Things are crazy, extremely disturbing and quite often chaotic and it is critical that we move into our hearts at this time and get out of our heads! No matter how long we think through things for answers, there are none to be found due to the fact that nothing makes sense any longer. To try to make sense of what is going on creates over thinking and brain fatigue. Our minds become over stimulated, stretched beyond our capacity to take in any more information. It all becomes overwhelming and this is why we must consciously disconnect from it all. Go within, listen to what your heart tells you you need, feed your soul, not your head. Our souls are starving while our minds are growing obese from digesting drama. If we do not disconnect we will eventually short-circuit. So please, a word to the wise, remember to stop listening to the incessant drone of television hypocrisy and propaganda and plug back into nature, calm, peace and tranquility. It’s out there, we just have to make the effort to join it. Think with your heart, it’s where we all need to be from here on out.

Blessings to all,



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