The Journey…!


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I don’t know about anybody else right now, but my journey at least, has been one of epic proportions for quite some time now. Talk about digging deep. I should be at the center of the earth by now! My situation has been one of looking for my core issue to heal, but even more, it has been a battle of learning acceptance that has been so dramatic for me! There are things about myself I have looked away from for a very long time. Contemplating these parts of me and learning to accept these sides of me I have kept at bay, at the outskirts of my boundaries, has been heart wrenching and brutal at times. I feel like I am being stripped naked and there is no longer anything to hide behind. Like that age old saying ” You can run but you can’t hide”. There is no avoiding this process, each and every one of us needs to go through reconnecting with who we really are. We have allowed outside, worldly influences to become far more important in our lives than connecting with ourselves. Oh I know, we think we know who we are, but do we really? Some probably, but not the majority. We have been trained to stay away from the dark corners within. For a very long time we have been offered all kinds of materialistic goodies and distractions that supposedly make life easier and more enjoyable, yet we still felt empty. The further we fell into the trap of distraction, the further we became separated from ourselves.

I am learning all kinds of things that never entered my mind before and they have caused me to pause and contemplate and try to make sense of what I am unearthing. Only recently did I discover I had a huge issue with accepting all the many parts of who I am. Some of the parts I truly was shamed by, or disappointed by,  they were sadly unacceptable therefore I ignored them. These are not easy ideas to take in and chew on for a while. A good portion of my life has passed by already and only now do I see just half of me went through my life. The unaccepted parts hung on behind but were never embraced by me. Such a shame really, but I am glad I figured this out now and not let it continue on any longer. Now I have something concrete to work with. Learning how to love all of me, opening all the doors and windows in my heart to let in the once unacceptable parts of me and become one at long last.

There is so much petty distraction going on in the world right now, in order to do my inner searching I had to retreat. The haze of insanity continues to float heavily in the air around the world, very little makes sense any more and a great deal that does make sense is infuriating, so why stay connected to it all? I needed to reconnect with myself for now, not the world. In going along through my life, what became of those parts of me I discarded because they were not acceptable? Did those parts experience my life along with me and if not, what are those parts, what did they experience? Have you ever stopped to dig deep and ask yourself major questions such as these? Try it. Once you start asking and uncovering you begin to see you really didn’t know yourself as well as you thought. We are a highly distracted society and we need to come back down to earth and settle in.

If you too are on a journey to the center of your existence, you are not alone. I believe many out there are encountering this journey as well. As the paradigms shift so do we and we need to know who we are and what we need to make the change to the new paradigm as easy as possible. If we remain blind to our truths, if we are not accepting of who we are, how can we expect to move forward ? Where we are going is a space of higher consciousness and compassion and a caring for ALL not just some. It requires that our minds be open and our hearts as well, to be able to release our need to judge others as well as ourselves. Acceptance is where we must start our expedition and hopefully we will uncover not only our truth but our love.

Blessings to us all,


7 thoughts on “The Journey…!

  1. I should be at the center of my BEing as well by now. It has been intense. It has been brutal. It has been earth shattering, so to speak. I don’t think there is much of anything left unseen or unknown, yet there too I could be wrong. I know I am following you yet have not read your posts in a long while but as I read this one, every word resonated. Shine on, keep on, and don’t quit. I quite also agree with you that this world is quite insane so I have made my own world. Love is the key to our very existence. May all of us on this earth finally see this. Thank you for this most important piece of writing. You are not alone!!! ❤

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    • Hi there AmyRose….Thank you for your very kind words of encouragement. I relate to all you said and found the ending to your post most important of all. Yes, a world of love is the only place to reside these days if one wishes to survive the assaults of insanity. Being a loving soul not only lifts others up to new heights, it lifts ourselves up and allows us to soar. Keep at it Girl…We shall make it one day soon. Stay strong and know you always have a place to land here on this site. The door is always open! Hugs..VK ❤

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    • Yes we do Skyz, and it is far easier because we have each other. People may be able to do things on their own, yes, but learning to understand we are better off with helping each other, is an awareness many are just now learning to embrace….Thanks for being you 🙂 Hugs….VK ❤ xxoo


    • Thanks very much SG….This experience has been one to never forget.and while the low parts have been awful, the totality of the journey has been remarkable and in many ways inspiring. Growth demands a lot of hard work but in the end it will pay off 🙂 Thanks SG….VK ❤ ❤ ❤

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