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    • Thanks DW…Yes it was worth watching and something we all need to keep in mind as they twist and turn the truth and try to suck us in….Not going to happen! It has been fascinating to witness this Presidential election here going on. If one is awake to the truth you can clearly see two distinct dimensions at work here. Hillary( 3D) is desperate to grab hold of that position of president so she can keep the status quo going to their benefit and continue keep the people suppressed and working for the Elite 9-5 with no life of their own. Same old, same old! Trump on the other hand while arrogant and egotistical and brash( not pleasant) is definitely breaking traditions and creating change like a bull in a china shop. Things will never be the same after he gets done regardless of the election outcome. If he were to win, It may well not be the best change we hope for, but if there is ANY change at all, it will allow us movement and movement creates further change. I cannot handle the thought of further stagnation a moment longer!!! Two opposite paradigms vying for the White House, one outspoken and aggressive, the other angry and desperate to hold on to what was rather than embrace what is and what can be. The election of light vs dark…It’s exhausting to be surrounded by this volatile energy cloud, I just keep praying for the shift to materialize so a new world can continue to unfold…Have a happy rest of the weekend 🙂 Sending love and hugs…. VK ❤

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