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I find myself constantly trying to shut out the annoying noise going on in the world right now, especially here in America. Everyday things seem to ramp up and the vitriol is flying fast and furiously because of the presidential race. It is sickening to both watch and hear. These foolish and blind candidates think they are scoring points with their zinger comments that the greedy media love and are exploiting for ratings, but for most people I know, they are instead being driven further away by the ‘old’ paradigm tactics. They irritate, they are like a pebble in your shoe, they rub you the wrong way. For all those desiring to create a loving and compassionate world,  what these candidates are engaged in is exactly why so many are fleeing the insanity. Here we are in the 21st century and so many still haven’t grown beyond judgment  one iota. The main tactic I see being hurled about day after day yet again in this election process, is the irrational tactic of putting down your opponent to build yourself up. Really? Is that the best you can come up with?

Millions are tuned into what is going on minute by minute and this is disheartening. Everyday people are being drowned in negative double speak that eventually may well wear off on them. If that is all they see and hear 24/7, of course they will join in as well. Join the proverbial herd. I for one am sick to death of the negativity, the sick pleasure people are getting out of name calling and bashing and digging up dirt, the negative frequency that has the whole planet vibrating wildly and fighting against it. I think the majority of people are now wanting to create a new world  that is centered in compassion and kindness and caring. We are done with the brutality of the warring paradigm, it no longer fits who we are becoming inside where it counts. In fact it is quite offensive to who we are trying to become.

Kindness is such a gentle gesture. It has the ability to encompass and inspire a person’s heart and soul, it comforts and encourages and reaffirms.  The world is short on kindness right now. We need to make it a standard achievement we each try to attain everyday! Kindness has the ability to heal and the world needs healing desperately. Morality has been obliterated by television, young minds are being shown and encouraged to disregard morality, kindness and respect and they are becoming void of compassion. It is a very dangerous place we find ourselves in. These are the minds of the future that are being tampered with and they are being warped and twisted in ways that do not support the creation of a new and better world, but rather support the old paradigm of war, death and control. The youth is being hijacked  as a means of maintaining the status quo and disrupting the attempted creation of the new world.

It is not difficult to be kind, it just takes deciding to be that way.  We have a choice every morning when we throw our legs out of bed and face the new day. We can be conscious of our actions or we can hit auto pilot and repeat what we did yesterday, last month, last year. Nothing will change unless we make change within ourselves first. Start each day off in kindness and be gentle in how you approach life. Step back from the hostile world you are being shown day in and day out, that is not you ( I hope), so don’t go along with it. What you give out is what you get back in return. Would you not prefer kindness?  It is up to each of us to make ourselves become the best we can be and in doing so, slowly the new world begins to emerge with the dawn.

Blessings to us all,


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