New Moon Cometh our way….


What an insane time here in America. Thank goodness it isn’t the full moon right now! Yikes! As I always mention, new moons are a blessed time to make plans, work on things and work on ourselves. If we wish to see the world return to calm sanity let us all work hard at making ourselves the best we can be. Accept the challenge, run with it and have fun with it too. Here is the article. to read. Enjoy.

Taking A Look At Ourselves….


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I just turned on my television to get to the weather channel and on my way there I passed by some talking head spouting off his opinions about the election. Think of all the beautiful hot air balloons  we could set loose with all that hot air. What a waste. Anyway, the discussion they were having was in regards to the volatility surrounding this election and this fellow was talking about how it is”You know, politics as usual”. Really? That did not sit well with me at all and I started searching for the reason why. I didn’t find an answer so much as I found an even bigger question. ” Why does society so automatically accept things as they are?  We’ve done it forever. You remember the old excuse “Boys will be boys”, “That’s the way it’s always been”.  Why does society GO ALONG with what is, rather than questioning why it is, what it  is and is it worthy of remaining as it is? Why do we accept degrading things ‘as is’? It feels like this meme has been ingrained in Societies brain for a very long time. No wonder the status quo has taken over.

I see the media has now been hijacked by the political system. REAL news no longer exists. We are told what the media thinks we should hear disregarding completely the publics right to know the truth. Truth no longer exists either. We are in a sad state of affairs, but what is even sadder is, things don’t have to be this way. If Society as a whole said NO, violent, angry, aggressive elections are not allowed! Then take that even a step further and make the platforms candidates run on have to be positive! That allows the change to seep into the groundwater and flow out to all so to speak. If they were all making sure they were doing positive things they could claim in an election and run on them, wow, a great many things would be taken care of and in a proper way. It eliminates corruption, at the same time, the positive thinking and positive changes would be raising the human frequency to a much higher level hence a much higher consciousness. Remember Albert Einstein said and I’m paraphrasing, You can’t change a problem with the same minds that created it in the first place!

In other words WE must change, WE must stand up for what we will and will not accept as part of society. There is no such thing as ‘it is what it is’ in a free society. Everything in the world changes in some way. It is past time we make changes as a society, stop doing things automatically because we are told that is just the way it is and instead allow ourselves to grow and expand into whomever we are meant to become next? Society is bored being stuck in this mindset and it shows in every way imaginable. It’s time we take risks and find our voice again. Voices have been silenced for far too long now. To do this, to stand up for what you believe, demands that we gather up courage and be bold! We are not truly living life to its fullest if we are shuffling along on the escalator to a vague destination. It is time to step off and re-engage with life. Ask questions until you get the answer, check and recheck if it is true, stop taking everything at face value and always assuming it is true. It’s not! . Look where that kind of thinking has gotten us.

Let us use the ugliness of this negative, agenda driven election to open our eyes to the “MORE” that we can be if given the opportunity.  Staying trapped in the reality of ‘ it is what is’ offers us little  room to expand ourselves and become a better society with strong morals, compassion and a desire to be our best. We are as usual being driven as far apart as we can be as a means of control. Say NO! Hell NO! We are all one and you are not taking that away from us. Just say NO. Think for yourself, act for yourself, speak for yourself and BE yourself with pride. It is not personally our fault we find ourselves in this mess, the fault lies within our thinking and that is what must change.

Blessings to all,


Extra Full Moon Tidbits…

Cosmic Weather Report

Special Update
 October Full Moon: Taking the Plunge
by Soul Level Astrologer Marcella Eversole
Putney Mountain, Vermont
This full moon on Oct 16 at 12:23  am Eastern U.S. time aligns with strong themes I see undulating through the lunar currents from the end of 2016 and on into the New Year.
Cat McAdams Emerging 3
By Cat McAdams

The invitation:

Can you burrow down deep inside to access life’s free, creative impulse? 
Is it possible to stop betraying your wholeness in order to support the world’s limited version of who you are? 
Are we ready to crack through the shell of a false civilization and birth a renaissance of meaning and values?
Leading up to tonight’s full moon was the half-moon waxing point in Capricorn. We’ve been asked to dive through the collective karma of our time and tap the wisdom of the Capricornian Goat-fish,  one of the signs that traverses both land and water. The truth of the species’ plight spills over into the truth of our individual experience.  The plunge is humbling though, when you feel like you are going to die without a breath of air and it’s hard to tell the dysfunction of the species from the dysfunction of your own, just as it’s often hard to tell the difference between shifting sands and solid ground.
We’re not evolutionary babies at this point in history, yet we haven’t generated a future story to guide us through the more mature rites of passage we must now achieve.  Rather than making the best of a bad situation out there, we’re asked to find a whole new direction, where we can climb a pristine mountain peak of awareness while simultaneously diving down into the stuff we are made of.
Be kind to yourself on this dive into shadow.
Relax your fight-or-flight syndrome.
You’re not supposed to know how do to this already. If you did, you probably wouldn’t be alive right now. You came to learn how to be human, magical and real.
The moon’s path over the next three months is geared to soften our attachments to surface identities and allow the wild immediacy of organic life to pour through us. Like the way grass grows after a summer rain, we are living channels for the future.  Pure life pulses thru us.  It doesn’t care if you free yourself by showing up to protect the earth and water at Standing Rock or on a meditation cushion.  It just wants to be allowed to come through.
By Andrew Gonzalez

October’s full moon in Aries wants us to banish the belief that in relationship, one person can only benefit at the cost of another.  That’s one of the key karmic shackles we can unbind.  The possibility of mutually beneficial relationship is taking hold, and it is a ripe time to meet it.  It might be scary, to hold yourself responsible for having your needs met in relationship.  It requires us to intimately know ourselves in the deep places.

From the Capricorn half moon to the Aries full moon, earth magic is taking hold of us to help us remove delusions of separation.  We can accept the initiation gracefully. And, we can try to feed our belief in the goodness of humanity even while daily events continue to contradict that belief.
Marcella Eversole

Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, songwriter and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
2012 and the Cosmic Weather Report can be ordered from bookstores and Amazon.

Speaking Out…


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Well, I have decided I can’t stay silent any longer about what is going down in the world. It is massive and horribly destructive in every sense of the word! It is tearing apart my country, the world and more sadly the very moral fabric of a well lived society. I am speaking to the grotesque and utterly immature display of JUDGMENT now seen just about everywhere you look. It has become a free for all on judgment.  There is so much about what is going on here in America in regards to the Presidential race taking place that is offensive and quite frankly disturbing. The lies are flying everywhere through the universe, being pounded by biased media into unknowing minds, the true definition of propaganda. I find it almost unbearable at times to be here witnessing this fiasco.

I am extremely disturbed however, by the intense judging of one another that is taking place. This holier than thou mantra is being pumped into the main stream media like elevator music burrowing into innocent minds. Judgment is so wrong, so evil and so NOT the new world. Judgment is part of the crap we were supposed to be washing away from us in our quest to gain higher consciousness as well as thoughtful living! I guess the dark never got the memo of what they were supposed to do. The viciousness of the judgments being tossed around is destroying people for the purpose of political gains. Really? Is this where we are in 2016?

No, this is not where we are at! Many, many people are fed up with what is going on, many people are stressed to the max by what is going on, some people are even destroying friendships because of what is going on. How tragic and how sad, but at least the people are becoming aware of the dangerous game being played which in turn means they are awakening to thoughtful living, their morals are reawakening, their grasp on true reality has returned. This is very good news. It is one more reason why we need to stay strong together and continue to fight to save our planet from people who wish destroy it and our way of life.

Judgment is such a vile act to get caught up in. Yet one more way to divide the masses, those that fit in and those that don’t fit in in the eyes of our controllers who think and feel they can do no wrong. I cannot stress enough our need to at long last run presidential campaigns on what the person running for office has done RIGHT, not dig up dirt and bury them with it. That only benefits the one side driving the wedge in just as deep as it can go. There is strength in numbers, they know it and so do we. It is why we must remain on the same path that hopefully will lead us to a time and place where all the sickness is left behind and we can stand by each other to help one another flourish and prosper. A new concept for the world to consider. Hopefully we wake up quickly as the guillotine is about to drop.

Blessings to us all,