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I find it truly amazing to witness what is going on in the world today. I especially notice it here in America with the insanity of the Presidential election. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we are watching ourselves being split between two very opposite paradigms. Everyday we enter into new territory where we have never been before, its stunning. At times it can even be quite shocking , other times quite overwhelming.  It is beginning to take its toll on the world. I was watching an advertisement the other day on TV and as I watched I stunned to see 75% of the people in the ad were all excessively overweight. It seemed odd, but I didn’t think any more about it until a few days later when another show came on with more over weight people in it as well. I sat back and said ” wait a minute…”, questioning what I was seeing.  I began paying closer attention to what I was seeing  when the TV was on and sure enough, more over weight people.

I sat for quite a while thinking about what I had seen and it suddenly became obvious to me what I was really taking in.  Yes, there a great many people right now who need to shed some pounds and if I had to guess why I would say “Look at the state of the world right now”. We are drowning in war and death and negativity and corruption. We see people seething with anger. The world is becoming obese in its effort to fill the massive void within millions of people, with food. There is so little safe middle ground any longer. People are either starving or over weight. Both states of being speak to the pain and void within so many are feeling. In simpler terms, the world is in a crisis state being caused by a severe lack of love. The world and everybody in it just wants to feel loved. No more war, no more hate, no more divide, just LOVE!

Humanity is so far away from loving one another at the moment. We have definitely lost our way wandering over hill and dale.  I am wondering when we will finally grow up and begin to value life in all forms. We seem so blind to what we are doing and yet it is so glaringly obvious. We have isolated ourselves and tucked our hearts away in little boxes for safe keeping yet we still wonder why the world is so violent and angry. We have stopped loving one another, we are finding fewer and fewer places to get love from and we are slowly starving to death. Our souls, our beings are crying out for love but we have little to offer. We can strongly sense this is wrong, we want to turn around on the path and go in a new direction towards love and compassion, but we are being held back. and so we eat and drink and drug ourselves into oblivion, we try to nurture our starving souls but emotionally we begin to crumble.

The world needs love and caring and it is up to each of us to be clever and find ways to give and receive love to as many people as we can, despite everything else going on around us. Everyone needs to be loved and to know they matter. There is a world of deprived and starving souls needing love and they don’t even know it. It just takes spending some time and showing you care to those hungry hearts that need filling up. The world is on fire from a lack of love but so many are preoccupied with distractions they don’t even realize it. Surviving this hell is all they can manage for now. The drama of what is going on in the world is trying desperately to draw us away from the love we are seeking. We must push ourselves away from the table and refuse to fall into the trap any longer. Stuffing our faces and bloating out our bellies will never begin to fill the void within ! We need love and we best figure out a way to share it with each other soon before we dry up and blow away across the barren fields of hungry hearts.

Blessings to us all,


7 thoughts on “Sharing Love…

    • You are not over weight TL…You only get over weight when you choose to fill the void with something other than truth and inner guidance, food for example…You are working hard at your end to fill it with what matters…There is nothing wrong with over weight, it just means we have chosen food over truth to fill us up. Happy eating, you’re free to indulge 🙂 VK


    • Right you are DW….I could not figure out how people could vote for the corruption being used against them until I finally put 2 and 2 together and figured out it was because We have two different paradigms/dimensions in the voting process. Of course we are experiencing and seeing things so dramatically different….A real nail biter as to if the light will win this election or will the dark steal it away yet again? I’m praying for a Brexit repeat 🙂 Happy weekend and much love….VK ❤

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      • 🙂 here in the UK we are being lashed for our exit.. All kinds of threats.. Food prices rising, due to falling pound,, EU companies charging more etc… Big squabbles over price contracts for goods with Large supermarkets refusing to pay price increases.. The head of the Bank of England ruling his throne.. While savers savings are sitting in banks with no interest being paid.. The Banks think they have us where they want us.. All are going to be in for a major shockwave soon.. In the mean time I sit within my own bubble.. Happy weekend to you xx 🙂

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    • Wow! It is getting really intense here as well, mainly because of the election. The dark is sensing strongly its demise and talk about scrabbling to hold on all the while they are slipping out of reality. They are truly desperate and I don’t think any of us probably realized just how bad it was going to get back in 2012 when we all joined forces. It’s bad, but the light is not giving in, the battle rages and we will win come hell or high water….Hang in my friend, you know you guys did the right thing during Brexit. The world was behind you and cheering as the dark had it’s first major downfall. Hopefully America will be next in line to take them down. Praying hard and hoping to see some peace, joy and compassion return to reality soon. Bless you DW and much love your way.. Hugs….VK ❤

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