Full Moon Ahead….


Source: Powerpath

A few days ago I could begin to feel the energy from this latest full moon. It is very intense.  What lies ahead and what can we work with to move forward? Here is the article. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Full Moon Ahead….

  1. Hi VK.. thanks for this.. 🙂 Good to be back or not lol from my holiday.. 🙂 wise words here upon the energies of the full moon.. 🙂 And I will do my best to keep out of other peoples dramas… The world is full of Dramatics right now.. 🙂 xxx Love to you my friend.. Keep your own energies high.. xxx ❤ DW

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    • Hey there Mary….
      Yes, this moon sounds like it will stir the pot big time…Just what we need to help us shed the next layer I guess…Maybe our last layer? Wouldn’t that be nice! You have a great weekend as well….VK ❤

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