November 2016: Agents of Change
By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax 

Putney Mountain, Vermont

By Lee II Ho

On Thanksgiving Thursday, November 24, at 6 pm US Eastern time Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, challenging us to reckon with the disparity between our surface existence and depth nature. Although this is not considered by most astrologers to be an earthshaking, groundbreaking aspect, it’s going to take on stronger ramifications because the gap between surface and depth is exactly what’s currently playing out on the screen of mass consciousness these days, and because whenever Pluto squares (forms a 90-degree angle with) another planet, mass society is impacted.

The purpose of a square is to apply pressure necessary to urge us to dig into what we are made of and confront a difficult or challenging situation. Jupiter holds the higher key here because he presides over our operating instructions — the cosmic blueprint or macro-view that we originally incarnated in order to explore. But Pluto holds the depth card, pitting the heights against the depths.
By Norbi Whit

Pluto lords over the hell realm of our species, and the primary hell of humanity has to do with knowing deep down inside that we are a species of tremendous love and kindness, yet, over and over, through the millennia, we continue to act out our pettiness, fear and bigotry.

When Jupiter squares Pluto. the contrast between what we see all around us and what we feel inside ratchets up, producing a haunted feeling that somehow we may not be on the right track, or that, even if we are on the right track in our personal existence, that the greater society around us has taken a drastically wrong turn that does not sit well with our inner truth.
The purpose of this square is not to judge and condemn, but to call your attention to the precise measurement that reveals how closely the life you’re currently living aligns with the life you were born to live. And because Jupiter is in Libra — the sign of Relationship, this measurement may often be brought to your attention through someone close to you. In such a way other people can sometimes key into the deeper truth you are suppressing before you do.
By Jean Argent
It’s all too easy in such situations to want to shoot the messenger but if you take a few steps back from someone in your life right now who could possibly be a Change Agent appointed by spirit to get a life-changing message through to you, you can harness the intensive growth power of this square to propel yourself out of someone else’s life and into your own.
And if you’re already ensconced in the life you were born to live, perhaps you have just become that Agent of Change here to show someone else the difference between surface and depth.
Love Your Life Out~
Mark Borax
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