It’s Time…


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I just wanted to check in with everybody at this critical juncture on our journey, that for me began with this blog in 2012. At that time I had no idea how many twists and turns this trip into the future would make, a roller coaster ride through the depths of hell many times, for many people. For quite some time now we have been called within to reset our GPS monitors. We somehow had gotten lost and wandered off the path, we lost our awareness as well. We lost connection with who we are and why we are here. We had become high quality automatons programmed to ‘want, buy, ignore, obey and follow’. ¬†We are guilty of falling asleep at the wheel and handing the keys to our future to our handlers. We were busy being consumers. But! Surprise, surprise…The sleeping giant has awakened and it is thrashing its tail wildly in anger! The giant will no longer be complacent and allow its soul to be tethered in place rather than allowing it to soar free and become what it truly desires to be. The giant of a ‘commingling consciousness’ cannot be slain, its power is far too grand to be confined and it will never allow anything or anyone to block its path from becoming more refined and gentle, more loving and soft, as it transforms all of its sharp, warring corners into soft curves that eventually will join into a circle to embrace us all as one.

This 2016 election for U.S. President has been far too long, far too negative, far too destructive to our morality, far too violent, far too dishonest, far too corrupt and far too demoralizing. Everyday the rhetoric grew louder and uglier and it made you want to scream “STOP!”. We are better than this, this is not who WE are! This is who our demented leaders are. The people are trying desperately to break free of the constraint that has held them back forever. We are witnessing the final battle between the light who desire freedom to become more of who they want to be and the dark who desire to keep their control over their slaves so they can continue to have all the power and live the opulent life they are accustomed to. This battle to awaken the sleeping giant to the truth has been my mission, as well as all the many bloggers I know out there doing the same thing. The more of the sleeping giant that is awakened, the more hopeful it becomes for us to alter the direction of this country onto a more positive and loving path allowing humanity to become more of what it can become. We are millions of hungry, endless possibilities. It’s time to go for it and strengthen our faith and courage and find out what we can grow into.

I pray for calm at the end of this election from hell. I don’t expect it, as the people have been brainwashed and driven far apart in well manipulated race baiting. Keep the people far apart to weaken their force as one. It will not work, we know in our depths that we are GOOD, that we wish to do well and these labels we are given and these cesspools we are driven into to isolate us, are well-known now. The jig is up. The dark knows it and so we see what we are seeing, the death throes of our handlers fighting to hold on, but you also see a movement of people pushing for change to keep things moving forward. It most probably will not be what we want completely, it never is, but if there is no change AT ALL, we risk the chance of stagnating our vibrant souls to the point of death. Pray for calm, pray for peace and pray that the last four years spent blogging out to those just waking up or thinking about waking up, has been well worth the effort. I want to see our country feel pride again, try new things, stop doing the same old things that have never worked and never will. I want to see us all be courageous enough to leap into the abyss and know we will land safely wherever that may be. This is who we are! It is time for us to finally light the way out of the darkness.

Blessings to all and prayers for calm,