Final Thoughts….


I just wanted to share my final thoughts on Election day. I urge everyone to set aside their own personal issues they want to see taken care of by a new President and instead look at the bigger picture. What will be best not only for our country, but best for the world. This is our moment to shine the light and thaw all the frozen hearts that had given up. There is a new way to BE in the world and we are just beginning to discover that. I pray for calm and peace today, I pray for change and I pray for ‘we the people’….Blessings to us all!   VK

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3 thoughts on “Final Thoughts….

    • Day 3 of the riots being bussed in by George Soros so the rumors go…It figures. His plans were grotesquely detoured that is for sure. They thought they had Hillary in the bag and the one world govt. all sewn up…Didn’t happen that way thank God! I am oddly calm, was oddly calm the whole day of the election. I knew it was our time and it would come if it were meant to be. I learned a great deal about this whole way of life we have been living under, this dynasty stuff…They shone their true, ugly, desparate colors to the world during the campaign. That is the old paradigm, I am only interested in the new paradigm now and how we can all contribute to it….VK ❤ ❤ ❤

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