Togetherness For Change…


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I have been observing things closely up to and now after, the election. I see very volatile emotions erupting from people like flame throwers. It took me a while of studying it to finally see for myself what I think is really going on. The election, while delivering a fatal blow to the elite, they are not going to stop trying to take back what they have held onto forever now. They want the power back because the shoe is now on the other foot and that wasn’t how they planned for things to go! Too bad. It is the Light’s time to shine brightly now so it can thaw hearts and minds. 2012 was the beginning of this process in many ways and now we have come full circle. The doors and windows of truth have been flung open and the light is pouring in.

As much as we ache and yearn for freedom and a new way of being, unfortunately the elite ache and yearn for keeping their power and control just as much and so we are watching the slow deterioration of the old paradigm. It is very stressful to have to keep listening to the rhetoric that is being spewed and so I urge everyone to turn their tv’s off! It is like sick and perverted mind control to continue to listen to the psychobabble that is taking place. They are desperate, they see their way of life ending while ours is just beginning. The jig is up, the people know what is going on and they are fighting back. And so the war of words and violence continues to rage. Don’t become a part of that. It seriously alters your beliefs which you need to hold sacred to your self. We must disengage ourselves immediately!The energy surrounding the old paradigm is thick and sticky and we dare not get caught up in it again.

I just wanted to urge everyone to separate themselves from this chaos and go within if need be or out into nature. Both sanctuaries are restoring to the soul. We need to be connected with our cores, with who we truly are minus all the grand distractions of life being thrown at us. Set boundaries! Disallow any political talk around you if that is upsetting you. It is not a winning situation to be in, fighting a war of political beliefs. Nobody wins so why go to war. Back away from it. The world is still out there in all her beauty, the sun still rises and sets and the seasons still change. Life does go on and hopefully we will learn one day how to not waste so much energy on the stupid stuff. We’ll get there one day. Until then, stay calm, set your boundaries, enjoy close friends, connect with nature and make it a point to look for the good in every day you are blessed with.

Blessings to us all,