Time To Take A Stand…


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I feel a certain lightness now that the election is over and we can hopefully resume daily living, whatever that means. I’ve been thinking a great deal about this entire journey we’ve been on. So much of what has been going on recently has been both alarming and constant, one barely had time to breathe between the bouts of chaos. There were so many ‘first ever’ happenings taking place at once, it was a moment in time to be remembered for a long time to come. We finally broke through the deception and control and the sun is now slipping in through the holes as the truth is pouring out. It truly is an amazing time to be alive on so many levels.

It is that last sentence that urged me to write today. It seems such a great shame that such a momentous time is being overshadowed by insanity that seems to grow greater by the day. If I witnessed nothing else during this mad mans journey to the election it was the shocking demise of honesty and respect. It has been painful to watch. I understand why but that does not lessen the pain it causes. The dark will stop at nothing to hold on to power . We have the aging, wealthy, power crazed, corrupt, bureaucrats trying to scheme how to take Donald Trump down before he can get into office, before he systematically dismantles them. The disruption behind the curtain is powerful right now. Unfortunately in their quest to stop the inevitable, they are frantically creating massive division in every sector of society to keep the unrest and fear alive.

If society loses its ability to respect each other we are doomed. We get lost in the old world laws thinking that is what keeps things together. No! It is not the laws being followed keeping things intact, it is respecting each other and our space, our thoughts and our beliefs. Respecting our right to life. Respect makes one hold back and wait to be invited in, we are not meant to storm in and abuse each others space. But look where we are. Riots in the streets, people screaming total disrespect on every level, riots of professional disrupters being paid to cause chaos and fueling fires of race and hatred. We have no leadership from our President but rather we hear dialogue about how the new President elect is not qualified to hold office. Our own President showing disrespect and a lack of courtesy. Well tough Mr. Obama! The people have spoken. It is your place to bring people together not drive them apart and that is all that has happened throughout this entire election. It is reprehensible. Shameful. So backward from where we wish to go, not evolved at all.

It is up to us to step in now! We often wondered when this time would come and it is here! It is time we muster up the courage to utter the words ENOUGH! We did it at the ballot box, now we must do it wherever we are to stop the destruction of our country. We cannot be a civilized nation if we have no respect for self or others, if we do not demand truth instead of accepting lies from the media and negative, divisive talk from our President. That is gross disrespect. Instead of just letting all of this play out before us it is time to say STOP! If we are honestly trying to make the world a better place and raise the consciousness of mankind, then we need to stand up for what we believe in. Honesty, respect, the freedom to live how we choose to live, to have no judgment, to be fair and compassionate. Isn’t this what we want our world to be like? If so we better speak up and speak out, refuse to accept what is going on. It is deliberate and orchestrated and DESPICABLE! It should be unacceptable to all of us.

We have been given this opportunity to start again, to hopefully break free of the stranglehold we have been in forever. Can’t we do better than this? Sanctuary universities, really? Play dough and puppies to calm students? Stop already! The dark are trying to take our spines as well. Stand up, be adult and face life as it comes at you. We can see what schools are doing to our children’s minds. Thank God for home schooling. We must fight back for our kids and their freedom from this evil, for our freedom, the planet’s freedom. If we let respect and honesty be destroyed we are doomed much like we cannot live without air, water, food and sunlight. Respect and honesty glue us all together.  Our time has come, dust yourselves off and fire yourself up to take a stand. The last stand. What we are witnessing is NOT who we are!

Blessings to us all,


3 thoughts on “Time To Take A Stand…

  1. This journey was never meant to easy VK.. and we came at this time to stretch ourselves.. May we also learn that to stretch we need to give a lot more … and Love a lot more… Change is also all about Choices… May we Choose wisely the ways our hearts wish the world to be.. ❤ xxx

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