Over The Hills And Through The Woods….


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To grandmother’s house we go…..Wherever you  go for Thanksgiving make sure to make it magical. A bit of love, a dash of  heartfelt compassion and a whole lot of gratitude for all you have. As we head into a new year with a new President and a new direction, it is a great time to create new traditions you and your family can share year after year to express your thanks. Going around the dinner table and saying what you are grateful for is a great place to start. The new world is all about gratitude, respect and caring about others. We take our attention off of ourselves and begin seeing the world through others eyes.  What do THEY need, not what do I need.  What can you give of yourself to help make the world a better place, that is our new mission. Make it joyful and blessings to you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

Much Love….Visionkeeper

9 thoughts on “Over The Hills And Through The Woods….

    • Ah…..Happy Turkey day to you as well…Hope you all find the magic of the day. I’m praying for peace to blanket the world…Snow tomorrow and the wood stove is on….Cozy and warm. Have a happy day! Much love your way….VK ❤

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    • Thank you SG….Such a sweet thing to say. It is greatly appreciated! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and caring. It all unfolds as we choose it to. May you laugh and feel loved. Have a great day….Much love….VK ❤

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    • Hey there my over the pond friend 🙂 Thank you. It will be the same quiet day for me but that is just fine. Simple living = happy living. I guess you guys don’t have turkey day over there, but that is no reason not to send my love your way. I bet by now your grand daughter is fueled with excitement in anticipation of Santa! Such magical times. Peace to your heart and my love to you as well…..VK

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      • 🙂 Yes no turkey here lol.. But I do have a lovely stew in the slow cooker at the moment.. .. And its her birthday the beginning of Dec.. So we already took her shopping and threw a few ideas her way as we sent our feelers for Christmas.. 🙂

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