Where Are We ?


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Now that some of the dust from the 2016 election has settled and we try to make sense of life going forward, I think many are standing there wondering what is going on and where we are going? Nobody really knows and this is why at this time in our evolution we are being asked to BELIEVE. We seem to have forgotten how to believe. The best way to believe is to TRUST all is as it should be. Creators plan continues and we flow along with him and believe we are becoming who we are supposed to become. I am sure you remember that old saying” Everything is unfolding as it is meant to”. We used to believe strongly that Creator was laying out life before us according to a plan and we didn’t fight it. Why is there so much disbelief in the world right now?

There is disbelief because we have been tricked, manipulated and lied to for so long now, trust has deteriorated and left us all wandering nervously about without true direction.  So what do we do with this detour we are on? We need to stop waiting for someone else to fix life and return to trusting ourselves  to be able to create the life we have all be dreaming of. We have to believe in OURSELVES again. A great many souls in this world are lacking belief in themselves and their abilities. We are such powerful beings and yet we hold back, we hide ourselves away and wait for powers outside of ourselves to make everything right. We have such great power and it is time to remember this fact. We voted in change and won over the dark at long last. This next President may not be perfect, but he is willing to usher in change and in doing so our beings within must be willing to risk and finally set the wheels in motion on a new tract going in a new direction.

Main Steam Media on certain channels is still pounding division into people’s heads in hopes of keeping control of this out of control train headed for an end to corruption and embracing truth for a change. Breathe deeply and find a way to believe and trust again.  The world needs us to come together at long last and mold a new future for ourselves. Moaning about what was and wishing things were different is a dead-end street. We gain nothing from staying anchored in the old way of being. Ahead lies a new way of being, a chance to recreate ourselves and blossom into new beings. The world needs this kind of energy to keep moving forward. The media wishes to pull us back into the old story they have pounded into our heads forever. They fuel the race card, the terrorism card, the politically correct card, the flag burning card, the lone wolf card. It is endless the perverse satisfaction they get from sticking a stick into the hornet’s nest and giving it a violent twist. They need the stories and ratings to stay afloat as a media company. They are not trustworthy if they are selling lies and propaganda and their ratings are diving because people are awake.

Truth is what we need now. People are starving for it. Truth is a guiding force for us to follow. Truth can only flourish if each and every one of us practices the sacred art of truth-telling. It must come from our hearts because we believe in what we are saying. The Hundredth Monkey is waiting for us to reach that critical point when the scales tip towards truth and it finally becomes a permanent part of who we are, a way of life for us. Honest, caring, truth-loving beings who can finally be who they wish to be. If there is truth there is trust and if there is trust there is belief in the world again. If we believe in ourselves and each other we can become one and create the power needed to overcome the dark  and bring back love to the world. We have our chance now, we are staring change in the face and it is we who must decide what that change will bring about.  Let us create great change in the world that finally brings us all together as one.

Blessings and love to us all,