Tornadoes Of Change…








It sure seems like there is a great deal going on right now. Frantic whirling coming from all corners. Great political unrest because the dark is losing its iron grip on us and multiple levels of change are unfolding around us. We have been given the choice of remaining in the insanity of the old paradigm, or we can shift our thinking and enter the new paradigm embracing change and a new way forward. There is no judgment of whichever decision we make, we all grow in our own time and maybe we are ready to move forward and maybe we’re not. We will know when the time comes. It can be exhausting right now as there is so much going on. Now we have the holidays to deal with which often stir up difficult emotions within our hearts as well as joy, we have continual police shootings, disasters, unrest among the masses, and lets not forget a Presidential transition in progress. Quite a lot on our plates to handle.

I know the Presidential campaign took a heavy toll on many people, it was way too long and dishonest and exhausting. It tore people apart and smothered the country with tension and anger. It is time to let that all go. To hold onto what was was is futile and not part of moving forward. If we are to create the new world we have to be willing to let the old one go, no holding on for comforts sake or you will be waiting forever. Gather up courage and embrace what can be. There are infinite possibilities for everyone. This new year coming is a moment in time to make a massive change. It requires us to finally take charge of our thoughts for we have learned, I hope, that our thoughts indeed create our reality. Time for positive thinking, reaching out to others in need, sharing our love with those around us and embracing who and what we are.

It seems time for honesty like never before in our lives. Honesty not only with others, but more importantly with ourselves. A time for introspection, acceptance of who and what we are, warts and all, and learning to release all judgment we tend to jump to and just love ourselves and everyone for who they are. We are ALL struggling to become who we think we want to be, all struggling to survive, all dealing with our own dark sides that need cleansing. It takes work to come to terms with one’s self. The whole country needs to be delving deep and making corrections, being honest with what is going on, with what is best for all not just ourselves. In others words it is time for humanity to grow up and be willing to admit it is time to change, to better ourselves, to end our need for distractions and entertainment, to see the bigger picture and get out of our own little worlds and do what is right for all involved. Time to think BIG!

After so much chaos and turmoil I think most of us are eager to just kick back and rest for a while, take a breather and let the world go by, but now is not the time. A quick breather is okay, but we really need to be active in setting up our new world by setting up our own lives first. We cannot better the world until we better who we are. It is time for war to end, love to reign, and peace to calm the planet. This is what we have been working towards, time for the final push. We need to make our desires known by becoming our desires and spreading them about to take root. With the holidays approaching this is a good time to practice calm and compassion. No fighting, just remaining neutral. We can all do it, we must do it. The new world is calling out to us, let us step up and finish what we began back in 2012.

Blessings to us all,



5 thoughts on “Tornadoes Of Change…

  1. VK, just had a conversation with sis yesterday who has become very sensitive to the Energy, yes the same sis who used to mock me. Hmmmmm ….. Strange how those things have a way of working out. Anyways, we were saying how rough the Energy has been of late and I silently said “whew! … I’m not nuts!” as she agreed with me. Very tough sleeping at times and what I can only describe as a thousand winds tearing at my mind. Exhausted, trouble remembering, discouraged, feeling such heaviness … then the break of giddiness and JOY. I agree this all began in 2012 with heavy going to insanity in Feb. 2013. It’s been quite the Journey and the toll has been a big one. I just came from a very light filled phase to one that is now, oh wow, dismal. SO! I push through and follow with action to get happy endorphins going so that I can again rise above this chaos. BIG (((HUGS))) coming from me!!! ❤

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    • Hi AmyRose….I knew things were going to be rough, after all, we are watching the down fall of the dark after all they have done for decades to set us up to be conquered. They assumed( big mistake) that dear Hillary would automatically get voted in to complete their agenda. What a shocker for them. You think we feel bad, they are in panic, disbelief and angry! That is the energy we are feeling all around us. They are even trying now with the latest propaganda of Russia fixing the election, to have the CIA demand we hold another election as Trump in their minds cannot be!!!!! Good luck trying to pull that off. Talk about a revolution. We have never been so surrounded by negative energy like this, it is overpowering and very destructive. I think it best we stay to ourselves and avoid the energy as best we can and continue to move towards the light…That is what is so invaluable about our blogs, they are a space to relax and be in the company of like minds reminding us we are not alone. We shall shine through all this crap I hope.Hang in there and keep doing what you’re doing… Hugs….VK ❤

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      • Bless you, VK, for responding as quickly as you did! I just returned home from the gym and those happy hormones have lifted me, that and a beautiful smile from a beautiful woman as I was leaving the gym. I was actually shocked when I heard the latest about Russia and just said OMG what NEXT? The images I’ve seen of Trump lately look like he has aged already, either that or the media is still getting the worse possible angle of him to portray what they want to in order to bring Great Doubt and Fear to the people’s minds. I wouldn’t wish to be in Trump’s shoes for anything! What that man is up against … and WE the People must help him! By staying above the chaos and still walking Love we are helping oust the dark. Hang in there, dear friend. When we find laughter, the heaviness vanishes. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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  2. No resting yet, VK… changes now in Italy; there’s obviously more to come. We seem to be in a huge wave pool at present being swished back and forth; massive holes are being created and being filled by anything that can get in, mismatched shapes and clashing colours all having to fit together. Folk keep comparing these major changes to Brexit, but they all started long before that. All we can do is keep bobbing along!

    Have a good weekend, VK!

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    • These changes began in earnest in 2012 when most of us stumbled onto each others blogs. Lucky for us. I shall keep bobbing TL and you as well. I think a pair of water wings might help take the strain off maybe. Could we be so lucky? Happy day to you…VK 🙂


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