Dare I say Merry Christmas?

Somehow Christmas seems to have been twisted into a negative, politically incorrect holiday here on earth. It certainly is making it very difficult to grasp the meaning and embrace the love of the season anymore. It is very sad what has become of our country at the moment which is exactly why it is ‘We The People’ who must resurrect our dreams despite the constant drone of propaganda being rammed down our throats. If Christmas dies it will be because we let it die! If we know what we want it is up to us to fight for it, to hold on tight and not let go, to stand tall and strong and be proud of who and what we are. Good old Washington D.C. has ruined a great deal of the American dream in its zeal to conquer control of the world and hold onto power. If only these closed minds could see they are destroying themselves from the inside out. The eyes of the people have been opened, hearts have been opened and slowly minds are being opened, yet THEY are now imprisoned by their own ways of thinking.

We have seen this all coming for a very long time yet we chose to look the other way. This is a very different war we are fighting. Our Oppressors destroy in increments not all at once. It is subtle and quietly slips in our back doors because we are busy living what we believe to be life. Laws are continually put in place restricting how we live life and over time they are tightened up, and like the frog in a pot of boiling water on the stove, we are not even aware of what is happening to us. This is why we are where are in our journey to become humans. It is time to let go of all the materialistic and propagandized traps we have been caught up in while they have sucked the life out of us.  If we wish to be free, we must fight our way back into living life as it is really meant to be or surely they will suck dry our souls as well.

We know deep within that life is off kilter. Things are not flowing and we are finding our internal compasses are out of whack. Whose life are we living anyway? Our lives or lives we have been shaped to live? If one sits quietly alone and thinks really deeply on how and why they live their lives the way they do, eventually you begin to see dots connect. All the ‘we can do this’ ‘and we can’t do that’s begin to add up and you begin to see how much of your life is scripted by laws and restrictions, in fact we are not really free at all. We have been convinced we are for so long now we believe it. To be free is to live life as you choose, to be free to express who you are and what your life is about to those around you, to say this is what life means to me and I wish to share it with you. The pot of boiling water is at the critical stage for us frogs, the restrictions are tightening yet again and now political correctness is stopping us from not only being who we are but from saying what we feel.

Once one starts the process of looking at the truth one can no longer shut their eyes. Think back to the ‘Leave it to Beaver days’ and how we lived our lives( talk about aging myself) and then look closely at how we live our lives now. Laws and rules are clamping down every time we turn around and we are told and are convinced that life will become chaos without them. Does nature look chaotic to you in general terms minus the storms? The chaos ultimately comes to those in control because without these laws THEY cannot keep control. We would do just fine if left on our own. Survival of the fittest would reveal what life is all about. The freedom to live and die as we are meant to, the right to live as nature does, without restrictions choking the life out of it. We frogs have lived life in a pot of water on a slow boil, we think life is what we see today and that can be very depressing!It is NOT. It is what we have been taught it is,  that there is no mystery, magic or depth, it is all work and very little play, but don’t worry, remember you are free.

Let us all give the gift of freedom this holiday season. Let us awaken from our slumbers and find the courage to face truth head on and move forward. It is time to stop listening to what we are being told and begin to THINK FOR OURSELVES! We are NOT what we see. We are SO much more, we have wells of deep feelings within that are coming back from numbness that we can share with the world. We are NOT the wars that the few wish to engage in for monetary profits, we are NOT the suffering we see being caused by our actions, we are NOT the violent and ruthless souls so many are being pushed to become. We ARE kind and loving beings, we don’t wish to hurt or be hurt, we respect all others and their rights to live their lives morally and ethically as they wish. We are that being who stops to help an injured bird, who gives our own money to help others in need, who aches within when others suffer. We must remember this and not let the boiling water kill who we really are!

Fight back! You now know the water is damn hot so get out while the getting is good. Stand up for who you are and refuse to have your life manipulated any longer. Stop living the life they want you live and do what you want to do! It is YOUR life, live it. They are the FEW and we are the MANY!!!  So to heck with politically correct, I am going to say “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”.

Blessings and love to all,