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In talking to different people lately, I have become very concerned about the stress levels I am seeing in people. All people. For quite a while we all blamed it on the election vitriol that spewed forth day after day and still continues unabated, yet I sense it goes far deeper than the election.  I am a firm believer that we are part of a major shift in human consciousness at this very moment.  Like the tadpole that lost it’s tail as it evolved, we are being squeezed right now between paradigms as we are being forced to adjust to new ways of being. It is unsettling and there is great resistance afoot right now. Everywhere you turn people are demanding that things be done’ their’ way and if it’s not, trouble erupts and minds already stretched to the max are snapping. It truly seems at times like living in the Twilight Light Zone.  Not a whole lot is making sense these days.

I know personally, that I am finding the mindset of a great many people quite disturbing. The vicious hatred, the inability of minds to bend and accept new ideas, the stubbornness, the violence, the lack of evolved thinking and worst of all, the lack of desire to become more! It is like watching humanity slip backwards to the days of Lord Of The Flies. There is little if any  compassion being offered to each other. There is a very tenuous, electrical, currant sparking through the atmosphere. People are like wound up clock springs ready to snap free. This is not good and it really is something that needs to be addressed. Now.  Uncertainty is running rampant, people do not understand what is happening, they are scared and that fear gets projected outward into anger. It is time to cool off the powder keg and get a hold of our thoughts.

We are all well aware of that saying ” Your thoughts create your reality”. If that is true and I personally believe it is, what are our actions telling us about our present reality? As within so without. Seems we must be stuck in a fury of chaos, stumbling blindly right at the moment. We are not stable and so much anger tells us there is a great deal of fear floating about. Humanity is in a space it has never been in before, we are adjusting to living within new frequencies. As more hearts open and freely expose themselves, the greater our trust grows towards one another and with more trust and understanding, there is less fear and with less fear peace can blossom.

This is not a time to have to count on outside help. We need to become self-sufficient, at the same time be eager to help others be so as well. We need to find our strengths from within ourselves, to build our own personal foundations through our acceptance and caring about who we are and feeling pride in that.  We have spent so many decades looking outside ourselves, filling our voids with things and never stopping to ask ourselves why we were doing that. It was a detour in life humanity had to explore before moving on. We’ve explored it, we now know ‘things’ only leave a bigger more jagged emptiness within. Things are temporary and yet we are really craving  security and permanence. The only way to fill that void is to connect with who we truly are when we take away the masks we wear daily, to honestly love that person and honor that person and accept that person. We are who we are, be gracious with yourself and others.

If we reconnect with ourselves, if we can find strength in ourselves and feel safe with ourselves, then no matter how crazy things become in the outside world, we can calm ourselves. We are never alone, we always have ourselves, if we trust ourselves we feel safe and if we feel safe we are at peace. Detach from the craziness main stream media wishes to engage you in. Turn off the news! Create your own reality, a strong and positive one and stop believing everything you are told as truth. You are truth! Listen to yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. It is time for humanity to move forward.

Blessings to all,


Ahead In 2017…

Cosmic Weather Report

2017 — Orienting by the Dawn, by Mark Borax
By Stephen Yates

In numerology 2017 breaks down to the number 1, which begins a whole new cycle. From January 28th on, we enter the oriental Year of the Rooster. And most of the significant planetary aspects in the next twelve months involve Jupiter. These three main features are strongly instrumental in the cosmic weather, as well as quite positive and reinforcing of each other, indicating a high tone and unmistakable thrust of progressive evolution for 2017. Let’s take each factor one at a time before blending them together to paint a soul-level portrait of the coming year.

Number One
Now that we’ve entered the domain of the first number in the numerology cycle (2+0+1+7=10, which breaks down further to 1) we’re off to not only a new year but a whole new cycle of years. It’s the job of the One to get things moving, to inaugurate projects and launch forces into motion, even when the ultimate nature and destiny of those forces remains raw and uncertain.
This inauguration of the new is welcome news after the extremely grueling shake-up of the Monkey Year we’re leaving behind. It’s the nature of a Monkey Year (like 1968 and 2016) to expose all the hidden forces lurking in the jungle, to shake the status quo and reveal unseen dangers, and I think few readers will argue that this is, in fact, much of what happened on the world stage last year.
Year of the Rooster
It’s the nature of a Rooster Year to uplift our attention to the coming of the new, just as it’s in the nature of a rooster to stand atop a barn roof and be the first to spot the approaching dawn, then trumpet its strident call to let everyone else in on the news. It’s going to stretch many readers to spy the high vision currently arising from the rubble of recent political chaos and the growing waves of bigotry and fascism sweeping the world, but, like a rooster climbing to the heights in the dark of the pre-dawn funk, any attempts you make to strike a high vantage point will receive solid support from the One’s need to get going with the new and the Rooster’s ability to spot the future’s first glimmerings of arrival. The more you come to trust a growing feeling that something bright and clear is emerging from something dark and murky, and the more you feel inspired to share that feeling with others, the more you’ll align with the bright future that is leaking down from cosmic heights, yearning to  break through the dim consciousness and obsolete mess of the past. This means that even when popular opinion masses against the progressive coming of the new it’s important for you to believe truths that your heart may believe in more than  your head.
Aurora Thunderstorm

Jupiter Rising

The third factor strongly at work is found by considering the amount of times the middle planets Jupiter and Saturn and the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, for meaningful angles, or aspects, to each other. Unlike the inner, or personal planets, which have more to do with personality traits and daily mundane events, these transpersonal and transcendent planets affect the sweep of things on a grander scale. Contacts between middle and outer planets occur ten times in 2017, and, almost unbelievably, eight of these ten aspects involve Jupiter, the biggest and grandest of all planets.
Jupiter is the beacon of the future, the one that shines brightest in the night sky, presiding over the Big Picture of why your soul chose to incarnate. Jupiter also holds the vision of what humanity is trying to achieve, and with Jupiter so active this year, the higher side of personal and collective evolution will be the dominant force beaming down into us all.
At times when collective ignorance dominates the news, when corporate greed strangles progressive currents, Jupiter’s guiding light is there to remind us that throughout history there have always been times when the stink of fascism catalyzes a new awakening of higher consciousness. In fact, there seems to be some mechanism built into the human race that almost requires things to darken on the world stage before releasing the deep light of love and understanding buried within.
Grafite Paintings By Cetti Tumminia
Ironically, as events on the world stage darken, more light is revealed, and sometimes in very unlikely places. In the 1960s the great darkness of the War in Indochina catalyzed the hugest eruption of light the world has seen in modern times. Now that a comparable darkness is creeping from corporate rule to spread its slimy tentacles all over the world, the current War on Truth is catalyzing a similar awakening force of resistance in our time.
The first stage of the Revolution in Consciousness of the current time is often painful, as you realize how far your life may have strayed from the radiant life of the soul that you were born to live. This early stage often prompts people to see
 their whole approach to life in a new light. Friendships, loverships, family relations and world views that formerly seemed safe, sane and secure suddenly become revealed as suspect, which can lead to stunning revelations that you’ve been stuffing your truth and hiding your light while swallowing someone else’s false dreams of paradise.
Double Exposure by Maulana Elwafiey

The combination of the One, the Rooster, and Jupiter on the rise is beginning to beam a stark light of spirit into your work, love, friendships and aspirations, revealing the truth of how closely or how far the life you live matches the vision of your innermost nature. If you can outlast the humbling sobriety of the early stage, and get your deeper game on, you will not only catalyze your own personal existence, but also accelerate the awakening wave of like-minded people that’s beginning to sweep over the world as we all take a cue from the Sixties and once more learn to orient by the dawn.

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
2012 and the Cosmic Weather Report can be ordered from bookstores and Amazon.

Who Are We?




I just have to say  up front that I personally find these times quite chaotic and disturbing in many respects. The lies and propaganda being tossed out to an ill-informed public to consume as supposed truth, is not only reckless, it is down right evil. I will say no more except to remind everyone to do their own digging for facts and STOP believing everything television tells you. Sometime back in the June Cleaver and Leave It To Beaver days we stopped questioning. We closed up shop , dusted off our hands and said ” Tell me what I need to know . End of story I have other things to do.” So the nightly news comes on now and everyone obediently sits and stares at the hypnotizing television set and believes whatever they are being told. This is how our country began its descent into chaos and a general lack of morality, civility and respect. If we desire the truth and want the lies to end, it begins with being truthful to ourselves first.

I think most of us truly believe we are being truthful with ourselves and many are, but many are not as well. Not by choice, but because of disconnection from self. The technological advances have done many wonders in the world but it also has had it’s detrimental effects as well. Humanity is disconnecting in many ways from human, face to face contact where they actually speak words verbally, not communicating through tweeting or texting. We have not only lost connection with each other we are lost to who WE are. In fact I wonder how often we actually question ourselves. Are we going in the direction we want to go in? Are we being the person we wish to be? Who do we wish to be? Instead we get up everyday and plug ourselves into the system and off we go. Who are we REALLY?

Circumstances beyond my control this past summer forced me to ask just such questions and I was startled to learn what I did. Human minds are powerful and can fool you every step of the way if you are not paying attention or else you are allowing yourself to tune out from reality because it is easier. In the end it is not easier! After much soul-searching, after much admitting truth to myself, after opening my eyes and really taking a look, I became a whole new person. It was shocking and agonizing, but I had to see finally who I was. That was step number one.

Step two now wanted me to accept this new person and care for this person. Well what if I didn’t want to be this person? Too bad, suck it up. This IS you and you are still a good person regardless and it’s time now to stop trying to create certain outcomes in your life’s experience. We are told through television and other media venues that our life should be this way or that way, we should weigh this amount, we should look this way, think this way, act this way! It is no wonder we not only don’t know who we really are, but we are constantly being told to be someone else and we waste all of our time striving to be these other ways, regardless of if this is who we truly want to be.

These past few months I discovered finally, after a lifetime of struggle and not realizing, that I have  Severe Anxiety Disorder. Whoa! This is not how I wanted my life to be or imagined my life to be. I am a bright, intelligent, well-educated, well read, independent individual. I had far more going for me than a lot of people in life and so I fell into that safety zone, that zone when you put the blinders on and glide through the safety zone by not feeling! If you don’t feel you can’t acknowledge.  I now realize it seemed to work for most of my life, but not without a great deal of struggle and false thinking however. I was thrown into a very traumatic experience over the past summer and the shock of it broke through that wall of non-feeling and everything began to spill out. It was at this time I found out about my anxiety disorder that I have lived with for most of my life. Over time, however, it became more serious as my world of movement began to shrink and how I interacted with life became very limited.

How did this happen? I struggled with that question for a long time but in the end what would having answers really change? I have this disorder and now I must learn how to live with it, try to lessen it, and still love who I am, for it does not make me less of who I am. I’m still working on that one. It is very difficult digesting hard truths about yourself, especially if it is something negative. Suddenly you are tossed into reality and you can’t blow it off.  We avoid life quite often, we live through other people’s lives through reality tv, we speak through devices not our mouths quite often. By isolating ourselves we lose the positive mirror effects being around other people provides us with. Slowly we lose connection with life on so many levels. We are told who we should be so that is what we strive to become, but who is it WE really want to be?

I wish to be a compassionate soul. I wish to find ways to inspire others, I like to help others, I am truthful almost to a fault, I live an alternative lifestyle, I am kind and giving, I write from my heart and want nothing more than to see humanity lift itself up and raise its consciousness so that we may evolve and move forward into a more peaceful space. Yes that is who I am but….I am also that struggling soul who has an anxiety disorder. I must find a way now to be all of the above, including that part I did not want but have been dealt that hand. We must all look at ourselves and find the courage to face hard truths. If we don’t, I promise you something will come and slam you over the head and now you can’t ignore it. Find the courage to do the work you need to do now and seek help if you need it. This is not an easy road to walk alone and for so long we have been shamed into not talking about ourselves. We must talk and share, for that is the only way others who suffer as well won’t continue to think they are the only ones suffering. Far from it! We are all one.

Bless you all. ..Dig deep, be honest and love yourself no matter what!

Courage to us all and much love,