Hope,Faith And Possibility….

Oh my Goodness!


I don’t know about anybody else, but lately life has been like a violent tornado wildly throwing me about and stripping me bare. It has not been a fun ride. The anxiety and tension electrifies the air. I keep asking: What is out there to keep me going? To give me hope? To offer me endless possibilities?


A truly beautiful, innocent  and old soul looking face of purity. This little being offers us all the opportunity to see life through hopeful eyes. Loving eyes. Untarnished eyes. I thank this little spirit every day for the good feelings and hope this face  brings to my heart. May this sweet being bring all who see this picture much hope and endless possibilities to plan ahead. Think big, think untarnished, think like a child again… Happy 2017 to all.

5 thoughts on “Hope,Faith And Possibility….

  1. Oh, my goodness! Is this your grandchild? What a glorious face!

    The world needs grandparents, chronologically, not necessarily biologically. People of a certain age, who’ve attended to their journeys and have wisdom to share need to do it!

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    • Hi Kitty….No, this is not my grandchild unfortunately, for that face radiates pure innocence and beauty. Such a gorgeous child. I just keep that face close by to remind me to look at the world untarnished….It is time to bring back tribes where the elders were cherished and offered great wisdom to those growing up…It is sadly missing today. Happy weekend your way….Blessings…VK 🙂

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