Stress Alert!



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In talking to different people lately, I have become very concerned about the stress levels I am seeing in people. All people. For quite a while we all blamed it on the election vitriol that spewed forth day after day and still continues unabated, yet I sense it goes far deeper than the election.  I am a firm believer that we are part of a major shift in human consciousness at this very moment.  Like the tadpole that lost it’s tail as it evolved, we are being squeezed right now between paradigms as we are being forced to adjust to new ways of being. It is unsettling and there is great resistance afoot right now. Everywhere you turn people are demanding that things be done’ their’ way and if it’s not, trouble erupts and minds already stretched to the max are snapping. It truly seems at times like living in the Twilight Light Zone.  Not a whole lot is making sense these days.

I know personally, that I am finding the mindset of a great many people quite disturbing. The vicious hatred, the inability of minds to bend and accept new ideas, the stubbornness, the violence, the lack of evolved thinking and worst of all, the lack of desire to become more! It is like watching humanity slip backwards to the days of Lord Of The Flies. There is little if any  compassion being offered to each other. There is a very tenuous, electrical, currant sparking through the atmosphere. People are like wound up clock springs ready to snap free. This is not good and it really is something that needs to be addressed. Now.  Uncertainty is running rampant, people do not understand what is happening, they are scared and that fear gets projected outward into anger. It is time to cool off the powder keg and get a hold of our thoughts.

We are all well aware of that saying ” Your thoughts create your reality”. If that is true and I personally believe it is, what are our actions telling us about our present reality? As within so without. Seems we must be stuck in a fury of chaos, stumbling blindly right at the moment. We are not stable and so much anger tells us there is a great deal of fear floating about. Humanity is in a space it has never been in before, we are adjusting to living within new frequencies. As more hearts open and freely expose themselves, the greater our trust grows towards one another and with more trust and understanding, there is less fear and with less fear peace can blossom.

This is not a time to have to count on outside help. We need to become self-sufficient, at the same time be eager to help others be so as well. We need to find our strengths from within ourselves, to build our own personal foundations through our acceptance and caring about who we are and feeling pride in that.  We have spent so many decades looking outside ourselves, filling our voids with things and never stopping to ask ourselves why we were doing that. It was a detour in life humanity had to explore before moving on. We’ve explored it, we now know ‘things’ only leave a bigger more jagged emptiness within. Things are temporary and yet we are really craving  security and permanence. The only way to fill that void is to connect with who we truly are when we take away the masks we wear daily, to honestly love that person and honor that person and accept that person. We are who we are, be gracious with yourself and others.

If we reconnect with ourselves, if we can find strength in ourselves and feel safe with ourselves, then no matter how crazy things become in the outside world, we can calm ourselves. We are never alone, we always have ourselves, if we trust ourselves we feel safe and if we feel safe we are at peace. Detach from the craziness main stream media wishes to engage you in. Turn off the news! Create your own reality, a strong and positive one and stop believing everything you are told as truth. You are truth! Listen to yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. It is time for humanity to move forward.

Blessings to all,