Revolution Of The Soul….

Cosmic Weather Report
March, 2017: Revolution of the Soul
by Mark Borax 
Putney Mountain, VT
The only planet that remains in air through March is Jupiter. Air provides perspective, focus, and mental acuity. Jupiter requires us to recognize how our own personal life relates to the greater design of creation, how the microcosm fit into the macrocosm. With nothing else in air, Jupiter now rules the show: either you rise to recognize your higher nature or you’re heading for a fall.
By Flying Viper Illustration

And because the Grand Square that lasted all through February is going to last throughout March, winter’s end is pushing us through the wringer of a mass initiation, designed to separate truths from half-truths, lies and falsehoods. It’s as if the higher spiritual beings who preside over the destiny of our race have decided it’s now or never for humanity to wake up. Wake up and remember that you are a radiant dynamo in the cosmos, unable to be squished down to fit anyone’s petty boxes — unless you choose to be.

In the 1960s the horrendous severity of the War in Indochina forced a profound collective awakening. Today we have a War on Truth, which is more massive, widespread and insidious even than the Vietnam War, in its stranglehold over the hearts and minds of millions, and its corrupt pull in halls of power. Each day the lies of this war infiltrate the stories of newspapers, online news, and TV. Each day, corporate-sponsored bullshit shapes the reality people assume in medicine, economics, ecology, foreign relations, religion and politics.
 The current War on Truth is more insidious than the Vietnam War because in the former war it was easy to tell hawks from doves: if you had long hair, smoked pot and drove a VW bus you were against the war. If you drank beer, had short hair and condemned pot, you were for the war. Even though I’m overgeneralizing I think you get the idea — today’s War on Truth leaves it much harder to spot those who perpetuate the horror from those fighting against it, especially because our main source of news and information has come under the control of only four multi-corporations. This corporate control so shapes the major stories and political concerns of our time that Delusion has become King, and truth has gotten reduced to the squeaky voice of the small child who dares to stand up and say, ‘But, mommy — the emperor has no clothes.’
When lies become standard fare and bullies control the government, individuals who feel and speak the truth are made out to seem false and shamed. Many progressive-minded people feel hopelessly outmatched by the chilling extent of this War on Truth. Many people, who previously ignored the extent of corruption in recent years are being jerked out of numbness denial — wakening is hard-won and long-due. But, just as it did in the 60s, having such a massive war perpetrated from halls of so-called journalism and power also has a positive effect: when things darken this bad on the world stage it forces millions of people to wake up. It catalyzes a response of furious indignation. It demands each of us to rise out of the normalcy of life-as-lived in order to meet the exigencies of a severe turning point in history — possibly the most severe of all, because there may not be a world left to save if we fail to learn the lessons of our time.
By Karim Fakhoury
Instead of trusting ‘leaders’ and newscasters, a discontent is spreading through the ranks of Left and Right alike. Instead of going along with the status quo, people are pushing to question power. The last time we rose up to do this we made massive headway, in the great 1960s Revolution in Consciousness. The time before that we broke away from the shackles of the past in a Revolution that formed this country. In our time a new force of revolution is on the rise. You can join it by finding out who you are, what you’re made of, and what you’re no longer willing to accept from the powers at large. When you realize your old life is dying and your new one is busy being born, you tip the balance away from the obsolete tales of the past to new stories of the living future.
Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
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New Moon / Solar Eclipse Sunday!


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Well, here we go again.  New moon energy is powerful in aiding us to  plan, create  and put into motion new ideas to help us move forward. This wonderful energy will be accompanied by a solar eclipse which will be fun. Enjoy the Ring Of Fire everybody! The article is here.

Something Stands Out To Me…..


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I was recently watching a documentary and it I was struck by one very bothersome sentence that was spoken with great authority and conviction.  That was the scary part! The sentence spoken was in regards to one of the endless issues in Washington that never end. The sentence?   ” Well that’s just part of the political process.” Therein lies the very problem throughout the world. Humanity has been fed this kind of crap for so long it no longer perks up its ears. As long as we continue to accept this kind of backwards thinking, we will take forever to move forward. Until we REALIZE that this kind of thinking is detrimental to society as a whole, then the abuse will continue. It is degrading. It is falsely all-encompassing and indeed it is not! I know I am one of millions who think differently. I always look for integrity in what I am told. There is NO integrity in that sentence what so ever.

I think it is time for the people to speak out, make noise peacefully and stir up a few minds that just may be ready to hear truth. I personally,  do NOT wish to live in a world that accepts business as usual in any way.  I know with my anxiety disorder I have had to work really hard on getting out and facing the fears. Society as well must come forward and face its fears and take a stand for what they believe in.  When President Trump became President it was because people were tired of  the ‘political process’ and they were demanding change. Okay, we got the new President,  but where are we? If we want change we best start making it happen ourselves! Hopefully we have awoken enough to know if we want anything to change we must do it for ourselves. Let us not fall into the old false promise trap yet again for it will be even harder to forgive ourselves when we see what we have done next time around.

I’ve heard it said that groups that start locally have greater strength. I don’t know if that is factually true, but is it not best to start at the center of anything and work your way out? After all, centers are our foundations as our beliefs are what we build our reality on.  If our communities are brought together with a common cause, then that energy spreads outward.  It is time to rebuild community and stop living our lives so isolated from one another. Create a stronger community! It beats just sitting home and waiting for change. It never comes that way. Life requires motion, movement to keep it moving forward as do our bodies and minds. To remain stuck in negative patterns just augments the problem. We as a whole must be willing to join together and leave our comfort zones in order to make things right.

At the moment I see a society that is mentally traumatized and confused and frightened and as a result they have pulled inside themselves and shut down. Somehow we must find the strength to get up, get out and start making ourselves heard in regards to what we wish to see changed.  We know that something is not right, we can feel the lack of morality and compassion every where we look, we can feel the strengthening discord enveloping us all. NO! Much like a thick evening fog swallows up our surroundings, discord is smothering us and sucking the life out of us. Are we just going to stand here and take it?

The human mind is magnificently strong, but just like bones it too can break and shatter.  Let us use our polarity to activate change. Washington may think in a status quo mindset and accept things as they are, but perhaps that could change over time if they were constantly bombarded with different more positive messages from We The People.  How many people have written to Washington to say they won’t accept ‘Well that’s just part of the political process ‘ anymore?  Probably no one will listen to just your plea, but what if your plea ends up being part of a thousand or a hundred thousand? If they get no feedback, if they get no push back, they will continue on down the same train track. Lets switch gears!

So, just my thoughts. I know I will NOT accept business as usual and I keep doing things to be heard and one day maybe things will begin to change. Find a passion that can help others and go for it. Get out, do things, speak up, be fearless, for remember, if we do nothing there will be no change!I know we are all tired, wrung out and overwhelmed, but I also know we have the strength left in us to keep going. We have come this far and worked this hard,  with courage we will complete our mission. Lets not just tell them what we think but show them as well. Everything begins with love. Let’s light up Washington!

Blessings to us all,


Important! Sorry To Be The Messenger…


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As the fake news main stream media continues to scream and yell about Trump and the Republicans, their fear mongering and violence just keeps ramping up. Normally I would say go ahead, make fools of yourself and they are, but this is serious! The main stream media has spent the last 5+ years ignoring and sweeping under the rug the nuke disaster at Fukushima and I bet most people don’t have a clue what is going on. How could they if they are not being told and they are busy being misled into chaos? Sadly many people it seems choose to believe the main stream media and have no desire to research the truth for themselves. Once again I’d say go ahead, if you wish to continue living an ostrich’s life, but what is happening in Japan is a WORLD disaster! It is YOUR disaster and MY disaster. It has not gone away, it has not been resolved, it is sadly rapidly worsening and threatening our existence here on earth. Now I ask you, what is more important? Being an obnoxious disrupter of the present Trump administration and acting like a fool or would we prefer the main stream media FINALLY told us the truth at long last if it could save the planet and our life? Then again, do we even care?

What is going on in this country right now is terrifying! People are being  brainwashed into chaos, anger and hatred over a man who legitimately won the office of President of the United States and they could care less about anything else going on. Like a MAJOR catastrophe unfolding for 5+ years in silence? Is this really where humanity has gotten to? People want to destroy General Flynn and the media is on it like a dog with a bone. No let up. BUT…One has to ask themselves(hopefully) why isn’t the media concerned about WHO leaked classified information in their sick attempt to discredit a man? That to me is far more important. They are playing games with the security of every American. This ridiculous partisanship politics is going to be our downfall! Are we not more intelligent than this? Are we so brainwashed we can’t even see we are in REAL danger with Fukushima, not manipulated danger from the lying media and our politicians? Time to wake up and make the effort to look for the truth instead of playing into this drama that is being CREATED to sway our minds. Our lives and our planet are at risk! Do we care?

Blessings from a heavy heart…..


Holiday Time Again…


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As we all gear up for Valentine’, s Day this year, I think it would be wise to look deeper within and see that this one day out of the year should really be honored everyday. To do something on just one day is Corporate America’s way of making a profit off of it. It is this obsession with making a profit that has shredded the very core meaning of life. Holidays are not always held on the actual day being honored because it does not fit in with the scheme of things. Oh really! By doing this we have already stripped  the true meaning of that day away from it. Corporate America has wormed its ugly way into every facet of American life, demeaning our sacred rituals.

To begin with, we could advance ourselves greatly as human beings if we took the time and effort to express our love to one another EVERYDAY. Over a long and tumultuous journey, our ideas about life have become ideas placed in our heads by our keepers. We have been convinced to share our feelings one day a year rather than being encouraged to express them whenever we desire to do so. Love and caring are shrunk down to sound bites or holiday advertising bites, as well as we are told what we are to feel on each holiday. Christmas, Easter, July 4th, etc. Each holiday is promoted by a theme and we are enticed to buy things to commemorate that day! Right out of the gate this demeans the true meaning for each holiday. Even ‘not loving’ days like 911 are promoted to keep the fear going and not let us forget. How very sick.

It is time for us to bring back the true meaning of everything! Life has lost meaning, it no longer is respected, it has become an endurance test not a joy. We must not continue to accept our lives being dehumanized and orchestrated from outside influences. We tend to do things now on command or from trained habit, rather than out of desire. The longer we do this the faster we lose our ability to exercise ‘desire’ and it begins to fade into the background, quietly and unnoticed. Life without desire is not living. Desire is that small brilliant spark that flickers within us waiting to be ignited, fueling our passions and driving us onward. These decisions being made for us  ( such as holidays)are sucking the purpose out of life, extinguishing our sparks and leaving humanity empty and hungry for reason.

Let us change things to take back meaning for our lives! Between now and Valentines Day I challenge everyone to go out of their way to make some strangers life have a little more meaning. It takes very little to move a human heart. Move somebody else’s heart for Valentines Day. Walk away knowing you made someone else happy or cared about in some small way. Today, tomorrow, everyday. It is time to break the iron grip of Corporate America and return true meaning to our lives in every way we can. We don’t even realize it is being stolen away, it is subtle and insidious and because we are usually too busy to take notice, it grows and begins to smother our sparks. It is time to make an about-face and reclaim what is ours. Go out and warm somebody’s heart for Valentine’s Day, better yet, do it whenever you feel like it! That’s living.

Blessings and much love to all,