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Cosmic Weather Report

February, 2017: Darkness Catalyzes Light
by Mark Borax 
Putney Mountain, VT
The Year of the Rooster began on January 28, replacing the Year of the Monkey. This hand-off from Monkey to Rooster is a call to set sights on higher ground. Monkey years are famous for ripping the social fabric apart and releasing wild unruly energies, whereas Rooster years have much more to do with making sense of the former outrages and exposures, by shaking off the trickster’s tricks and raising your vantage point to the elevated view.
By Jheferson Saldaa Valera

This higher vantage point may be hard to find, especially because of the Grand Square between Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Vesta that’s occurring between now and April 20. Grand squares (four planets 90 degrees from each other) screw down pressure to apply the tension often needed for radical breakthrough.

In this late winter hand-off from Monkey to Rooster tension mounts, pressure’s coming down — and there is a higher perspective available. With cultural forces breaking down to the point of disbelief, however, it can tax your credibility to see it this way.
Ask yourself: If there really are benevolent spiritual forces presiding over the development of the human species, what possible higher reason can they have for putting us through the current brand of insanity gripping the nations of the world?
While it’s easy to see the horror of our current collective moment, it takes quite a lot of breathing and uplifting of our perceptual faculties to glimpse any possible overarching perfection to this same moment.
Here, at the beginning of the Rooster’s Reign, a great wake-up call is being sounded from nation to nation, and there’s a core irony involved: Until things turned this melodramatically dark and dangerous in front of us all, the alarm bell could not ring and resonate through the Trance of Normalcy that set in when the Sizzling 60’s gave way to the Sedated 70’s. Until surface illusions of normal life being something sustainable were peeled away by our recent Presidential Follies, the wake-up all could not be heard through the clamor of Big Media lies shoved down our throats by the Evil Empire of Big Fracking, Big Medicine and Big Bullshit.
As the wake-up call sounds, many previously assumed ideas are going belly-up on the beach of refuse and flak, so it helps to catalog an inventory of what we can replace them with:
Wake-up Fact 1: You can no longer trust your elected leaders and representatives to lead and represent you. With few exceptions, the lies of the Left and the lies of the Right have become interchangeable, and national politics has devolved from Good Guys and Bad Guys to Bad Guys and Very Bad Guys.
Wake-up Fact 2: You can no longer afford to stuff your deeper truth beneath life-as-is. When the NYTimes, Washington Post, CNN and NPR (National Petroleum Radio) have become organs of the Ruling Elite, you have to dig below so-called facts to birth new living truths that can sustain the future.
Wake-up Fact 3: You’re not alone in your quest to see the higher view of mass absurdity. Kindred spirits all over the world are getting sick to death at being spoon fed lie after lie. As you awaken from the Trance of Normalcy that set in when the 1960’s ended and that former Revolution in Consciousness gave way to the severe backlash we’ve been stuck in ever since, you get to reconsider screwy ideas we believed in at the time, like Love, Peace and Understanding.
Wake-up Fact 4: When politicians bend over to the lies of Multi-Corporations, artists must step into the fray. In the 60s music, literature, song and dance spread revolutionary consciousness throughthe hearts and minds of the world. Now that the halls of politics, mass media and justice have become more riddled with corruption than they were then, it’s even more crucial for your creativity to flourish — when the logician in you gets burdened by the impossible state of the world, let the artist in you lead the way.
By Tvurk
The main lesson of the current moment is the difference between true and false power. All across the world the Rooster is calling an awakening movement for the human race to finally outgrow the vestiges of the dark ages and claim powerful truths that Hillel, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and other world visionaries tried to show us over and over. But we can’t wake up as a species until we see the full folly of our own bigotry, greed and fear dramatized on the world stage right in front of our eyes, as is happening now. In such a way, stupidity conjures wisdom, and darkness catalyzes light.
Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
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Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
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