To Adjust Or Not To Adjust?


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Well it sure seems like I have been doing a great deal of adjusting lately. It seems to be the lesson of the day. My greatest adjustment yet has been trying to deal with the anger, aggression, and a drive to destroy that is smothering the planet right now. Honestly way back in 2012 when I began writing about the shift to come and the part we will all play in the creation of the new world, I knew it was going to get wild, I expected more fear however, not outright hostility, not from the people anyway. I expected the leaders of the dark to be filled with rage, but not the people. I imagined most people were wanting change, to move forward out of oppression and into freedom. It has thrown me for a bit of a loop and made me regroup to try to figure out just what is going on. Then again isn’t anger really a mask for fear? Yes it is. It is all one and the same. Sometimes adjusting to something is okay, other times we must not accept the status quo and be willing to make change happen, peacefully and lovingly.

I guess the world is fearful on many levels right now. I was expecting people to be asking me to help them understand what was going on and my reaching out to them, I didn’t expect aggression and hatred on the level it is worldwide . The propaganda news reports are distorting everything we hear to create confusion and to distract, so it is hard to make sense of something that may only be a half truth distorted by editing and omission and yes even lies. The media and Hollywood will stop at nothing to win this war and bring back the darkness and oppression because that is who they work for, the dark. Take everything you are told right now with a box of salt. You are watching the final battle between the light and the dark.

It is easy to get pulled under by the constant squabble and taunts being thrown back and forth between parties, the shaking of accusing ย fingers and laying blame on each other rather than turning inward to search for the truth and taking the pulse of the people, after all that is what this is all about. We the people! No, we must stay as positive as we can, every hard knock that comes our way we must look for the nugget of truth and goodness that lays within it. There is goodness all around us if we just open our minds and allow it to come in. Yes there is chaos all around us but we need not be a part of it. Focus on what is right not what is wrong, Remember, our thoughts create our reality. I chose peace and calm and loving one another. We can have that if we are willing to work on creating it. It begins with our minds and having a willingness to say ย  ย  ” NO I won’t accept things as they are. I will do my part to create a change for the better.” I will use my mind to will a new reality and it will be to my choosing.

I cannot accept the anger and hatred being spewed forth upon mankind. It is offensive, it is abrasive, it is embarrassing, it is depressing to think we have fallen so low. It is time to rise up and demand better through our own actions! Remember that commandment to treat others as you would have them treat you? It is time we thought about this and began acting upon it. The world is screaming out for sensibility, respect, an open mind and a willingness to move forward. It is humanities time to shift, to move to a higher position of responsibility, caring, reaching out, compromising and acceptance. It is time to raise our consciousness and say “No. I will not allow myself to wallow in the pettiness overtaking the world.” We are not petty! We are strong, we are proud, we care and we love. We are so much better than what we are witnessing , but we must find the courage to step forward and raise our voices and say “No, I am more than this and I want the world I live in to be more than this as well and it begins with me.

Stay strong folks. Look for the good in the bad. It is always there. There is always a lesson to be learned. We never stop learning and if we have for some reason, then begin learning again! Don’t ever stop, it is the only way humanity will know what it has to do next by learning our lessons. Have a wonderful weekend everybody, enjoy the full moon tomorrow and the guiding energies it offers each of us to work with.

Blessings to all,


10 thoughts on “To Adjust Or Not To Adjust?

  1. We have to remember that energy is energy and it is affecting us all.. And I know from observing even my hubby who gets vocal at the News on the TV and shouts back at it.. Which is why I take myself off out of the room.. Frustrations are being felt globally.. People are experiencing these energetic changes and are not understanding them so are being drawn into the confusion and anger..

    Its hard as we want the energies to tip to the positive… not the negative..

    But what gave me hope is how the women of the world united along with many men.. In their unity for harmony… A call I feel will be repeated in months to come.
    2017 will herald in changes fast and furious both on political and geographical arenas… xxx
    Hugs.. Sue xxx

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    • Supposedly major change is scheduled for April 2017…We shall see. I truly hope something unfolds allowing humanity to shift their thoughts higher and include the totality of humanity, not just the few. I am so ready to move on out of this hell hole of anger and lies…Peace would be nice ๐Ÿ™‚ VK

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    • It has gotten dirty, ugly, vicious and vile…It is making it hard to live each day when new atrocities are being conjured up and our President is being skewered by false lies and accusations…The liberal idiots just continue to scream and moan and accuse and threaten. If they could only see they are shooting themselves in the foot. The people are beginning to despise them….As the light pulls ahead the dark falls further behind I guess and they need to scream to get attention. It doesn’t work. Oh well, it certainly is an interesting time to be here….All the best Sue…VK โค

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    • Hey there Barbara….Yes, it has been quite the journey has it not? We are multi functional beings so why not do both at once? It seems to be the only way to move forward for now until the whole of the planet decides together to raise it’s consciousness…Carry on my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ We will get there eventually. I just pray it is in my lifetime. Spring perhaps? Blessings and love…VK

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  2. I don’t know what to believe any more, VK. I can’t believe the news stories as there always feels to be something missing; or a little down the line the story suddenly changes. Even the weather forecasters are telling us the wrong things! In work, I have the feeling I’m being asked to do things just for the sake of being asked to do them, not that they are needed… and I look around and see things that seem to be trying to sway my attention in one way or another. It’s most strange! I think that’s why I’m throwing myself down the creative path at the moment, to switch off from everything. Still, all we can do is continue to stay positive… the turbulent waves are bound to settle sooner or later. I’m hoping it’s sooner.


    • Well TL, I think the lesson to be learned here may be that we need to stop waiting for things to change and force change for ourselves. In other words we can’t just sit and wait and hope things will be different, we have to make things different!!! Our biggest mistake I feel has been in waiting instead of DOING…They in the dark world are not going to change therefore we must find a way to move on without them and do what we feel we must…..Creativity sounds like the perfect way for you to move through all of this turmoil. For yourself as well as others! Be well friend….VK ๐Ÿ™‚

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