Holiday Time Again…


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As we all gear up for Valentine’, s Day this year, I think it would be wise to look deeper within and see that this one day out of the year should really be honored everyday. To do something on just one day is Corporate America’s way of making a profit off of it. It is this obsession with making a profit that has shredded the very core meaning of life. Holidays are not always held on the actual day being honored because it does not fit in with the scheme of things. Oh really! By doing this we have already stripped  the true meaning of that day away from it. Corporate America has wormed its ugly way into every facet of American life, demeaning our sacred rituals.

To begin with, we could advance ourselves greatly as human beings if we took the time and effort to express our love to one another EVERYDAY. Over a long and tumultuous journey, our ideas about life have become ideas placed in our heads by our keepers. We have been convinced to share our feelings one day a year rather than being encouraged to express them whenever we desire to do so. Love and caring are shrunk down to sound bites or holiday advertising bites, as well as we are told what we are to feel on each holiday. Christmas, Easter, July 4th, etc. Each holiday is promoted by a theme and we are enticed to buy things to commemorate that day! Right out of the gate this demeans the true meaning for each holiday. Even ‘not loving’ days like 911 are promoted to keep the fear going and not let us forget. How very sick.

It is time for us to bring back the true meaning of everything! Life has lost meaning, it no longer is respected, it has become an endurance test not a joy. We must not continue to accept our lives being dehumanized and orchestrated from outside influences. We tend to do things now on command or from trained habit, rather than out of desire. The longer we do this the faster we lose our ability to exercise ‘desire’ and it begins to fade into the background, quietly and unnoticed. Life without desire is not living. Desire is that small brilliant spark that flickers within us waiting to be ignited, fueling our passions and driving us onward. These decisions being made for us  ( such as holidays)are sucking the purpose out of life, extinguishing our sparks and leaving humanity empty and hungry for reason.

Let us change things to take back meaning for our lives! Between now and Valentines Day I challenge everyone to go out of their way to make some strangers life have a little more meaning. It takes very little to move a human heart. Move somebody else’s heart for Valentines Day. Walk away knowing you made someone else happy or cared about in some small way. Today, tomorrow, everyday. It is time to break the iron grip of Corporate America and return true meaning to our lives in every way we can. We don’t even realize it is being stolen away, it is subtle and insidious and because we are usually too busy to take notice, it grows and begins to smother our sparks. It is time to make an about-face and reclaim what is ours. Go out and warm somebody’s heart for Valentine’s Day, better yet, do it whenever you feel like it! That’s living.

Blessings and much love to all,