Important! Sorry To Be The Messenger…


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As the fake news main stream media continues to scream and yell about Trump and the Republicans, their fear mongering and violence just keeps ramping up. Normally I would say go ahead, make fools of yourself and they are, but this is serious! The main stream media has spent the last 5+ years ignoring and sweeping under the rug the nuke disaster at Fukushima and I bet most people don’t have a clue what is going on. How could they if they are not being told and they are busy being misled into chaos? Sadly many people it seems choose to believe the main stream media and have no desire to research the truth for themselves. Once again I’d say go ahead, if you wish to continue living an ostrich’s life, but what is happening in Japan is a WORLD disaster! It is YOUR disaster and MY disaster. It has not gone away, it has not been resolved, it is sadly rapidly worsening and threatening our existence here on earth. Now I ask you, what is more important? Being an obnoxious disrupter of the present Trump administration and acting like a fool or would we prefer the main stream media FINALLY told us the truth at long last if it could save the planet and our life? Then again, do we even care?

What is going on in this country right now is terrifying! People are being  brainwashed into chaos, anger and hatred over a man who legitimately won the office of President of the United States and they could care less about anything else going on. Like a MAJOR catastrophe unfolding for 5+ years in silence? Is this really where humanity has gotten to? People want to destroy General Flynn and the media is on it like a dog with a bone. No let up. BUT…One has to ask themselves(hopefully) why isn’t the media concerned about WHO leaked classified information in their sick attempt to discredit a man? That to me is far more important. They are playing games with the security of every American. This ridiculous partisanship politics is going to be our downfall! Are we not more intelligent than this? Are we so brainwashed we can’t even see we are in REAL danger with Fukushima, not manipulated danger from the lying media and our politicians? Time to wake up and make the effort to look for the truth instead of playing into this drama that is being CREATED to sway our minds. Our lives and our planet are at risk! Do we care?

Blessings from a heavy heart…..