Something Stands Out To Me…..


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I was recently watching a documentary and it I was struck by one very bothersome sentence that was spoken with great authority and conviction.  That was the scary part! The sentence spoken was in regards to one of the endless issues in Washington that never end. The sentence?   ” Well that’s just part of the political process.” Therein lies the very problem throughout the world. Humanity has been fed this kind of crap for so long it no longer perks up its ears. As long as we continue to accept this kind of backwards thinking, we will take forever to move forward. Until we REALIZE that this kind of thinking is detrimental to society as a whole, then the abuse will continue. It is degrading. It is falsely all-encompassing and indeed it is not! I know I am one of millions who think differently. I always look for integrity in what I am told. There is NO integrity in that sentence what so ever.

I think it is time for the people to speak out, make noise peacefully and stir up a few minds that just may be ready to hear truth. I personally,  do NOT wish to live in a world that accepts business as usual in any way.  I know with my anxiety disorder I have had to work really hard on getting out and facing the fears. Society as well must come forward and face its fears and take a stand for what they believe in.  When President Trump became President it was because people were tired of  the ‘political process’ and they were demanding change. Okay, we got the new President,  but where are we? If we want change we best start making it happen ourselves! Hopefully we have awoken enough to know if we want anything to change we must do it for ourselves. Let us not fall into the old false promise trap yet again for it will be even harder to forgive ourselves when we see what we have done next time around.

I’ve heard it said that groups that start locally have greater strength. I don’t know if that is factually true, but is it not best to start at the center of anything and work your way out? After all, centers are our foundations as our beliefs are what we build our reality on.  If our communities are brought together with a common cause, then that energy spreads outward.  It is time to rebuild community and stop living our lives so isolated from one another. Create a stronger community! It beats just sitting home and waiting for change. It never comes that way. Life requires motion, movement to keep it moving forward as do our bodies and minds. To remain stuck in negative patterns just augments the problem. We as a whole must be willing to join together and leave our comfort zones in order to make things right.

At the moment I see a society that is mentally traumatized and confused and frightened and as a result they have pulled inside themselves and shut down. Somehow we must find the strength to get up, get out and start making ourselves heard in regards to what we wish to see changed.  We know that something is not right, we can feel the lack of morality and compassion every where we look, we can feel the strengthening discord enveloping us all. NO! Much like a thick evening fog swallows up our surroundings, discord is smothering us and sucking the life out of us. Are we just going to stand here and take it?

The human mind is magnificently strong, but just like bones it too can break and shatter.  Let us use our polarity to activate change. Washington may think in a status quo mindset and accept things as they are, but perhaps that could change over time if they were constantly bombarded with different more positive messages from We The People.  How many people have written to Washington to say they won’t accept ‘Well that’s just part of the political process ‘ anymore?  Probably no one will listen to just your plea, but what if your plea ends up being part of a thousand or a hundred thousand? If they get no feedback, if they get no push back, they will continue on down the same train track. Lets switch gears!

So, just my thoughts. I know I will NOT accept business as usual and I keep doing things to be heard and one day maybe things will begin to change. Find a passion that can help others and go for it. Get out, do things, speak up, be fearless, for remember, if we do nothing there will be no change!I know we are all tired, wrung out and overwhelmed, but I also know we have the strength left in us to keep going. We have come this far and worked this hard,  with courage we will complete our mission. Lets not just tell them what we think but show them as well. Everything begins with love. Let’s light up Washington!

Blessings to us all,


3 thoughts on “Something Stands Out To Me…..

  1. It all begins with Us.. and we have to stop thinking there is only one way to do things, just because its always been done like it.. It is time to change.. and accept we are the Change.. But as you said if we do nothing.. we then can not bemoan it being the same.. xxx
    Much love dear VK..

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    • Hey there DW…
      It’s kind of like watching a baby chick hatch. You want so much to reach out and help pull off the shell so it can break loose and be free more quickly,, but we do not realize we create damage doing that. We know we have to change, we want so much to reach out and wake people up, but like the chick, these sleepers need to awaken when the time is best for them. Very frustrating, especially since we now understand the meaning of critical mass…I think we all became bogged down in the great spiritual distraction. We had to learn over time what was truth and what wasn’t for ourselves. This is a tricky dance we dance, twirling in darkness at the same time trying to see….Crazy….We will get there eventually…These detours take our time and energy, hopefully soon we will feel sure enough of who we are and where we are gong to be able to see ahead what we must avoid to save time….Learn we must as we go along! We have been told since earliest days that change is difficult and frightening! We’ve been told that over and over and now we believe it. It is what we make of it I believe….We shall see. It seems a great many spots are falling off the leopard these days….We’re on our way! Happy day to you and hugs…VK ❤

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