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April 2017:
The Scribe and the Witness
                                                      by Mark Borax                                                              
Putney Mountain, VT
By Katherine Skaggs

Between March and June the deepest planet, Pluto, remains in Degree Frequency 20, which our College of Visionaries & Wizards calls The Scribe and The Witness. The story the scribe is witnessing is your ultimate relationship to yourself. Coming from Pluto’s dark realm, this frequency is stirring up issues of who you think you are, who you feel yourself to be, who you used to be, and who you’re going to be.

As this karmic gumbo gets stirred you can witness obsolete versions of yourself loosening their hold and dissolving into the past. You also get to see recalcitrant parts of yourself bluster up their ego in a stubborn last stand against the coming of the new — just as much of the human race is doing right now all over the planet.
The main reason people get duped by false power is their lack of knowing who they are. When a person fails to inhabit their innermost truth they leave unoccupied channels within them that invite parasitic energies. The grand mythopoetic story of the soul gets cashed in for fool’s gold. The search for love and truth diminishes into the gaining of false security. Recovering from this uninhabited state requires a commitment to awakening the power of your soul. It requires your willingness to believe that the innermost dream in your heart is the reason you came here in the first place, and that if you owe anything at all to this world, it’s your right to become radiantly, genuinely true to yourself.
By Jofrah Bosschart

Mystics refer to this discovery process as the pearl of great price: the treasure beyond measure that you gain when you grant the unique seed of creativity within you its full right to flourish. Until you gain this treasure you’ll be yanked wily-nilly by forces of coercion and conditioning. You’ll be talked out of your deeper truth by well-meaning people, cads and conditioning agents.

But when you see through the semblance of who you thought you were and who everybody wanted you to be, you’ll get to witness more of who you are. You get to scribe a new story of love and hope and regeneration, which is the power that Pluto is granting to us throughout April, May and June.
Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
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I wanted to share this link with you in case there is anyone out there still on the fence about vaccines. Hopefully this will give you the information you need to be aware of.  This link is to a mini series documentary that will run from April 12th – 19th and most importantly it is free! Thanks to all the hard work that went into this documentary with the  hopes of enlightening the public. Click here to sign up.  Thanks to Natural Blaze.  Blessings to all… VK

What Can Save Us?

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What can save us? In one simple word, Creativity! It was Albert Einstein that said that we cannot make change to our problems with the same minds that created the problems in the first place. So true! Much like we keep hearing about repealing Obamacare not just changing it, it is time for us to repeal our Government! We need a new law of the land, we need new minds creating better ways of living life, we need to create new laws that the PEOPLE have brought forth not more laws the old Government has slapped in place.

Society has been given just about everything they think they need or want and everyone seemed happy, but little did we realize we were giving up our creativity by doing so. Much like a muscle that deteriorates from no use, our creativity fades away when we are not having to think for ourselves and come up with answers. It takes finding ourselves in the mess we find ourselves in today to make us realize the reality of what is going on.  A mind without creativity is an oppressed mind and only now are we figuring this out! But it is not too late to kick-start creativity again and get our minds up and running. Life will be perilous if we don’t. The deeper into the black hole of doing very little for ourselves the more hopeless the outcome will become!

Think for yourselves! Get creative. Ask yourself ” How I can help make the world better?” and do it. Television is there to kill our brain cells and destroy creativity! A society that does not think for itself is one that is controlled and dominated. This is NOT what we want! If we wish for a new way of governing for ourselves we must become creative and find new ways to do it.  In order to change anything, first we need to know what is wrong and we can’t know the answer to that question unless we are paying attention to what is going on. Awareness of the truth levels the playing field and sparks new ideas. As we begin to awaken we must not fall into fear in regards to what we are seeing going on around us,  but rather we must channel that fear into creativity and begin to find ways to get ourselves free! We can begin that process by finally doing what we want to do and enjoying it! A brand new concept!

Awaken by becoming aware. Society has numbed itself out as a way to cope with all of the insanity. Numbing is useful but not if we remain numbed out indefinitely. We can never begin to connect the dots and get to the truth if we don’t consciously make ourselves aware of our reality! Let us all embrace our creativity, begin to exercise it mightily and help one another in planning out new ways we can self govern and do away with the oppressive Government that does not have our best interest at heart! It is time we stop being slaves and begin to enjoy our time here on earth. Dance, sing, draw, paint, write, think, play…Do what you want for once. JUST DO IT……

Blessings to all,



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Hi Everybody…Happy Saturday to all. I don’t often put up alarming stories as we have enough of them 24/7 in the main stream media, but when it comes to public health and what is being done to us, well I can’t stay quiet. The only way to stay ahead is by KNOWING what is going on and main stream media is NOT going to tell you. You deserve to know! Here is the article. Please share it with others. Thanks.

A New Moon Beckons Us Towards Change….

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As tumultuous as these present times may be, it is important to understand that chaos and disorder are to be expected as we radically  begin to change ourselves . It is time and we know it, we just keep putting it off. Let us plan wisely our next moves of where we are going and what we wish to accomplish. The sky is the limit, don’t hold back.  Here is the article. Enjoy!

Stop The Madness…

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I have come to believe that the majority of us feel the world is enveloped in madness right at the moment, and it seems to continue to pick up steam rather than slowing down. It has become quite alarming to some. In order to STOP the madness we must make sure our own inner world is safe, secure and headed in the right direction. It is so important to find what it is that brings true meaning to our lives and more importantly that we have the courage to stand up for what we believe, despite what all others may believe! It is imperative right now that humanity reactivates its compassion which has slowly been destroyed by television’s 24/7 coverage of war, death, hatred, evil and fear. As a society we are being driven to become cold, callous and eventually unaffected by the cruelties of life being pounded into us. We need to reclaim quickly that softer, more loving, caring and empathetic side to us that has been stolen away without most even realizing it.

Brainwashing has become a word the dark has given great negative, conspiracy theory labeling to in hopes we do not pursue the truth of its existence. It is real and it is subtle in its many forms. Lets face it, it’s out in the open now that main stream media is putting out lies to mislead the American people. It is a very sad state of where we are today. This is why television has become one of the most dangerous hazards we are facing. People do not even realize their thoughts are being swayed and tampered with because it subtly happens over long periods of time. Whose life are we living anyway? Are we thinking for ourselves therefore living our own lives, or are we thinking what we have been taught to think and are now living our lives according to what they believe we should believe? Scary to contemplate but we need to.

It is so important to stand up for something you truly believe in as that keeps you anchored not only in the present moment, but also anchored in how you feel about yourself. Believing in something and standing up for it triggers off self-pride and a much-needed boost of worthiness. Many people have disconnected from their own self-worth, it has been whittled away and buried beneath the day-to-day trauma of reality. If individually we have lost the ability to care about ourselves, how can we care about anybody else? We have disconnected, we have stopped caring, and we numb ourselves out to the world around us. It has become too painful to acknowledge. It is crucial we reignite our own personal compassion and caring for ourselves, rediscover our worthiness and begin to reach out so humanity can save itself from its own demise.

I personally have reached a breaking point where I will no longer listen to or accept what is being done to our veterans! The time for talking about the abuse is OVER! If we awaken our compassion again we can finally see how horrific this situation really is! How in heaven’s name have we allowed this abuse, this lack of caring for those who fought for our freedom to continue? Each and every one of us has what I call a trigger, something that sets us off and pushes our buttons. We need to take those triggers and do something with them. It is time to stop talking and take a stand. It builds up worthiness within, we feel pride and more importantly we are caring about others! We have turned away long enough, especially when it concerns another country. NO! We are all one, what happens to one happens to all and we need to embrace this concept once and for all. Humanities existence depends on us getting this right! It depends on us finally understanding division is a fallacy and oneness & equality is the real truth!

So find that trigger within, figure out what means the most to you and stand up for it. Re-engage with your true self, rebuild that worthiness and compassion. As I said above, until we can finally feel compassion for ourselves, we won’t be able to feel genuine compassion for others and the world needs it desperately to survive!

Blessings to us all,


Now Is The Time…

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Now is the time for a great many changes. The shift from winter into spring, being quiet and resting within oneself for the long stretch of cold and often isolation brought on by the weather, to the light and energetic  season of regrowth and new growth. It is now a time for shifting  the guards as a new President has taken up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and life in America now makes the big shift into creating its new story for itself.  This is why I say it is time. It is now. It is forever. The mass consciousness of society right now seems to be chaotic, fearful, displeased,and often times it is violent. Hardly the atmosphere we need for healing ourselves, and yes, we need healing! As always happens with change, there are pockets of the old regime holding out in favor of the status quo vs the pockets of new and enthusiastic minds open to seeing, thinking and being something different, more aware of the present problems and seeing the answers awaiting us ahead down the road. Optimistic but remaining open-minded to any situation.

This is why I say it is time. The old is falling and the new are busy filling empty seats. Before the new takes control again over us as it always does, it is time to push for a better way of being in the world. Here we are getting ready to start all over again with a new President who wishes to enlarge the war machine instead of finding better ways to communicate and solve problems. Not a single word is uttered from the White House in regards to alternative energy. No, it is full steam ahead back into oil and coal, less regard for the planet and once again for profit and gain. This is hardly a change! This is just putting lipstick on the stinky pig. It is still a pig! It is time to promote a better way of being, of opening up chaotic, confused minds to a more compassionate way of being in the world, it may involve the new thinkers start filling those empty seats, both locally and in Washington. The younger minds need to get in the trenches so they can be heard. To sit quietly in hopes of seeing ” real change” will do NOTHING to move us forward in consciousness.

We hear TONS of moaning and groaning going on from the left and often overly aggressive behavior and even violence. It’s aim is to destroy any and all of those who wish to create a better world. This obnoxious defiance and inability of so many to shift and move on is growing heavy to interact with. The frequencies between the two oppositions is like oil and water, they are unable to blend and solidify. The old mindset is unwilling to bend and open up, the agenda of the rich dominating the poor continues as does the unrest within. Why would anyone want to continue war, continue to destroy the planet for profit. continue to not show compassion towards others? It’s all they know how to do and all they have ever been. That is who they are. They have far greater reasons to not want change. We have been down and oppressed forever now and so any light ahead gives us hope and a better attitude. They live down in the swamp mud wanting to drag us all in with them so they hardly want to see anything positive and enlightening on the horizon.

A great many people I think do not understand what is going on, most definitely those who are not open-minded! What is going on right now is very disturbing to watch. It shows us sadly that we have not yet tipped the scales enough to allow that poor hundredth monkey to cross over bringing with it all the rest. I had hoped we would have been much farther along in raising our consciousness, but we are not. The old regime is working overtime to distract the masses from the truth. They lie and cheat and act like a bunch of juvenile delinquents. This is our SO CALLED Government. It is shameful and has destroyed morality. We are here to build it back up! We are here to help the masses see there is a better way. The dishonesty of the news and media is now in full-blown disclosure. I hope people are waking up to how this game is played. The faster and wiser we become the less wool they can yank over people’s eyes. It is a slow process, this journey of finding ourselves and what we REALLY believe in.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that we all have an opportunity to push OUR agenda forward finally at this time. We need to join ranks, get into the inner circle so to speak and take up residence. We are being lied to through fake news to alter people’s opinions in the favor of the old and yet, NO OUTRAGE? Just silence. Silence will not bring change. We must get into the trenches and get our hands dirty to make change. Do you still desire war? Pollution? Elite control? I know I don’t! I’ll write and speak and open minds wherever I am, with whomever I am with. We each have our own way of creating action. Like I mentioned earlier, we need new blood to fill the seats in Washington, to break down the old once and for all and bring on board others with open minds. It is time and we are being summoned. To the young I say find a way to get involved where it is needed most. To those of us Baby Boomers getting tired I say speak out! Don’t stay silent. God gave you a voice, use it. People won’t know there is a better way unless they hear about it.

Blessings to us all,