I Just Love This….



This is creative activism at it’s best!  This is what the world needs to be doing. Finding creative ways to make their point and be heard. People are not being told in Main Stream Media that the bees are dying.  Here is another article on bees as well.  It is high time the lazy main stream media began to report REAL news that is critical to our well being, not distraction news to dupe the people.

7 thoughts on “I Just Love This….

    • Hey there DW….Yes I agree….Lets hope they have caught on in time. People have no concept about what would happen to the world without bees….It’;s crazy! I just loved how that guy took something so negative and turned it into something so positive and teaches others at the same time. Bravo to him!
      Dealing with my illnesses right now. Getting well is a real battle with so much pollution in the world. Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs to you and hi to Hubby….VK ❤ 🙂

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      • Thanks VK… I am sending you Tons of Love and well wishes.. I feel brighter and much better since pulling in energy with Qi Gong every day .. Also White Light… Clearing my aura, shedding layers of baggage, mainly attachments from others.. So I hope you soon feel better my friend.. Take care of YOU.. Love DW xx ❤

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    • Here’s hoping! It just really lifts my spirits to see people’s creativity shout out so others notice. And for a good cause. Imagine if everyone were doing this. Displaying their individual talents as a form of speaking. No words, just action. The world is craving this right now….VK

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