What Can Save Us?

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What can save us? In one simple word, Creativity! It was Albert Einstein that said that we cannot make change to our problems with the same minds that created the problems in the first place. So true! Much like we keep hearing about repealing Obamacare not just changing it, it is time for us to repeal our Government! We need a new law of the land, we need new minds creating better ways of living life, we need to create new laws that the PEOPLE have brought forth not more laws the old Government has slapped in place.

Society has been given just about everything they think they need or want and everyone seemed happy, but little did we realize we were giving up our creativity by doing so. Much like a muscle that deteriorates from no use, our creativity fades away when we are not having to think for ourselves and come up with answers. It takes finding ourselves in the mess we find ourselves in today to make us realize the reality of what is going on.  A mind without creativity is an oppressed mind and only now are we figuring this out! But it is not too late to kick-start creativity again and get our minds up and running. Life will be perilous if we don’t. The deeper into the black hole of doing very little for ourselves the more hopeless the outcome will become!

Think for yourselves! Get creative. Ask yourself ” How I can help make the world better?” and do it. Television is there to kill our brain cells and destroy creativity! A society that does not think for itself is one that is controlled and dominated. This is NOT what we want! If we wish for a new way of governing for ourselves we must become creative and find new ways to do it.  In order to change anything, first we need to know what is wrong and we can’t know the answer to that question unless we are paying attention to what is going on. Awareness of the truth levels the playing field and sparks new ideas. As we begin to awaken we must not fall into fear in regards to what we are seeing going on around us,  but rather we must channel that fear into creativity and begin to find ways to get ourselves free! We can begin that process by finally doing what we want to do and enjoying it! A brand new concept!

Awaken by becoming aware. Society has numbed itself out as a way to cope with all of the insanity. Numbing is useful but not if we remain numbed out indefinitely. We can never begin to connect the dots and get to the truth if we don’t consciously make ourselves aware of our reality! Let us all embrace our creativity, begin to exercise it mightily and help one another in planning out new ways we can self govern and do away with the oppressive Government that does not have our best interest at heart! It is time we stop being slaves and begin to enjoy our time here on earth. Dance, sing, draw, paint, write, think, play…Do what you want for once. JUST DO IT……

Blessings to all,