Look Outside The Box….

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If we look outside the proverbial box, we can see more clearly the truth about life instead of living it by what we are told. Often what we are told is false! Take all the latest hype being given to robots and AI (artificial intelligence) we hear about today. We are told they are taking away our jobs and life will come unglued if that happens. We will doom ourselves out of jobs and into extinction. Scary thought for people to worry about as if we don’t have enough to think about. So given that dismal scenario, how can we change our thinking and find the positive side of it, because it’s there?

Well, let’s try this thought on for size. Step outside the box with me and discover a new way of looking at this situation. For a very long time I have always understood the truth about working.  I’ve written about it before here on the blog. Yes there will be obvious turmoil should our jobs begin to become scarce and we have to adjust to a new way of being, but the truth of the matter is we were NEVER meant to work 9-5 everyday in the first place. Working was created by the few wealthy people who have controlled us and our country for a very long time now. We became their slaves, we earned our money and gave  it to them through various schemes they cooked up, like taxes etc. I always say to people “Why would Creator put us on earth just to work 9-5 and not be free to experience life everyday instead? He wouldn’t. He created us to experience our lives and learn how to become whole, happy and more loving human beings, to witness his beauty and miracles here on earth and to appreciate them and to learn how to value life more deeply.

We have been led far, far astray so we could be turned into the good little slaves we are now.  We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for answers rather than within, we were taught that material things had greater importance in our lives than our own existence. We were taught to be strong and stand on our own as need was a weakness, rather than seeing our strength lies in each other. If we were splintered off on our own we could not see the power that comes from unity and therefore we would not be a threat. The magical black box(tv)( Isn’t it interesting how all televisions are black!) we all discovered as we grew up, we thought of as miraculous, it was good and everyone should have one in their home, and so we complied. Little did we know it would be used against us to alter our perceptions in life. It brainwashed us into thinking exactly how they want us to think. We are seeing the truth of this happening today if we read between the lines.

No, we were never meant to work and slave our lives away only enjoying life on weekends. How absurd if you really are honest with yourself and think about it. I read the thoughts of someone famous not long ago and was so glad to see someone else understood this concept as well as I did. It validated that no, I am not crazy. Here is that quote I read.  It takes daring to think outside the box, to look at life differently than most others you know because you believe in yourself and what you feel regardless of how others think. It takes daring to step away from the herd and happily go down our own path in life. It takes daring to finally realize and more importantly accept, that just maybe, all we have been told may very well not be true at all! Not an easy thing to do but one we must do!

Because of all the chaos in life right now , we are being asked by creator to wake up and truly begin to live the life we were meant to live. It is his way of showing us where we are going wrong.  We are being asked to shift our thinking and climb outside of our self-made boxes of captivity and free ourselves.  All of the lying we witness in the news now has a purpose. It is showing us not how bad things have become, but rather the truth of our reality and it inspires us to change our direction for the better. We are being shown all of our flaws and mis-steps as a way to guide us towards what is right instead. So much of life is showing us the ugly sides of humanity, how we interpret what we see is up to us. Will we believe everything we are told and comply and keep going the way we are now out of fear, or will we begin to question what we are told and begin to seek out the truth for ourselves? This is a very critical time in our evolution. I pray we find the courage to stand up for ourselves and invite truth into our hearts and begin to change the world into the heaven it really is!

Blessings to us all,



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I’ve been doing a great deal of soul-searching these days, plunging down into the muck and mire then scrambling back up and out only to nosedive again and repeat the process. It’s all part of reconnecting with ourselves. If I happen to see something going on in the news and I stop momentarily to watch, I can see the chaos everybody is going through around the world right now and it seems to be an issue of people being totally disconnected from who and what they are. People are living in fear day after day, they are constantly being reminded of world-wide disasters  24/7 on television, they are pulled into different agendas and are shown everything that is wrong with the world but never shown how to make things right. As a result people are hanging about in the wind unsure of whom to trust or what to trust and so they remain afraid, confused and VULNERABLE!

So what do we do? We seem to be spiraling down out of control as a species, turning on one another and displaying violence that is tearing us apart not bringing us together.  It is critical that we stand up for ourselves and bring about the changes we seek for a better life. In order to promote change we must first know what we want and in order to know that, we must know ourselves! For far too long society has fallen prey to television and all of the fear driven agendas pushed on people as well as often being misled by false information. By constantly listening to and relying upon these agendas and misinformation, we are losing our ability to think for ourselves.  This is why we are seeing so much chaos envelop the world. We don’t trust ourselves therefore how can we trust each other? Trust only follows if we feel sure and secure in ourselves and our present reality. If we don’t fully understand ourselves how can we trust ourselves ?

We as a society have taken a massive detour in life that has led to our disconnection with self. The last Century we detoured and got lost within the technological/material aspects of life as well as war and all of its negative results on humanity as a whole. We were distracted by materialism creating our drive to work harder for more money to buy more goods we think we needed. This way of life hijacked our awareness and we were pulled far away from going within and connecting to who we are. This same scenario has been happening again in the 21st Century. Social media and smart phones and computers have dominated our daily lives and pulled us even further away from what we should have been doing. Discovering who we are! We don’t look up and out and ahead, we look down at our phones unaware of life passing us by or the beauty around us  that Creator has shared with us.

As a result of all of these detours we have taken we are witnessing a world filled with people running around in confusion because we have become unplugged. I see our most basic morals of humanity being ignored and forgotten which leads to a sad loss of mutual respect. Without respect for one another war will continue, violence will continue, chaos will continue, and society will continue to break down further. So we must see that there can be no respect or trust or caring for one another until we respect, trust and care for ourselves FIRST! Once we all become secure in who we are and what we want, we can join together and move ourselves forward. We cannot do that now because we are so scattered and dysfunctional, lost in our own distorted thoughts that are not supporting our personal growth.

It is all about how and what we think. This is why we need to turn off the television and think for ourselves, not just believe in what we are being told by other distorted minds. We are living our lives according to what someone else has put forth and so often we never question the truth of what we are hearing. It is so important that we stop doing this! Our brains are like our muscles, if we don’t use them and challenge them, they become weakened and we can no longer rely on them fully. We become a shell of who we really are, fearful to BE ourselves, fearful to think for ourselves, fearful to speak our minds and stand up for what we believe in. We are being shown all of this chaos and desperation in the world as a message to wake up and reconnect with ourselves before it is too late!

Who are we? What morals do we live by? Are we following these morals and living our best lives? Are  we even aware of what we are doing or being or thinking or are we just on auto pilot flying along at warp 9 with no destination in mind. We are cruising around in circles wondering where we are supposed to go next. We don’t understand what is happening or why, because we are NOT paying attention! Life requires our attention and input if it is to run smoothly and in the direction we choose to go in. It is not up to the Government to decide our directions in life. That is up to us and if we continue to ignore this issue nothing will ever change. WE must change and then the world will change along with us. We are all one entity sharing this wonderful planet but we are living on this wonderful planet in isolation from one another. It is time to break down our walls and reach out to one another. We ALL want the same thing, we all want to matter and live a life that matters and that process begins with us.

Blessings to all,