The Full Moon Cometh….



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Energies are definitely amping up these days and it seems imperative we watch our own energies and use them wisely and not add to the chaos.  Focus on making the world better and stay far away from all of the angry, hostile, violent energies that keep trying to take over. We are better than that! Let’s use the full moon to surge ahead and make life shine. Here is the article. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The Full Moon Cometh….

    • Smart move DW….I’d rather have cramped knees than a cramped brain!!! Enjoy. Got 4 more inches of snow last night so I won’t be planting anything in the near future. I am so ready for this damn weather manipulation to stop!!!! Enough already. Have a happy and hi to hubby….VK ❤ 🙂

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      • We are getting Summer this weekend.. Its been 20C in our garden this afternoon, and it is set to reach 24 down London tomorrow.. Yes all weird and we know why.. I so hope your Spring arrives soon.. xxx

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