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In today’s world it seems there is nothing but complexity on every level of our being.  I see and hear about so much dissatisfaction, fear, confusion, anger, dishonesty. There is so much discord around the globe one can’t handle too much more it feels like. So I started looking at everything going on and began a deeper search for one over arching fact that was part of each and every situation. Society has become too complex, too digital, to removed from nature and reality, too ungrounded to function smoothly anymore. People’s heads ache from overload, their bodies drag along from fatigue, their hearts have closed up because of all the hatred, vengeance and division we are watching taking place. It really must stop right now. I think mankind is screaming out for simplicity in their lives.

I find it personally offensive to realize the world has now  succumbed and accepted to walking around everywhere with heads bowed down to smart phones unaware of who is passing them by, nor do they care, snapping selfies non-stop promoting further the ‘ME’ generation. I hear constant chatter about AI ( artificial intelligence) and how robots will take over the world and they are well on their way right now. Is this what we want? All this crap is driven down our throats without our input on what we want or think. Now they want cars to drive themselves? Come on! I can hear the people in favor of going down this road screaming ” You can’t stop progress!” Wrong! Whose world are we living  in any way? Told what to think, what to do, what to be. It never stops. We are headed down a very dangerous path here where simplicity becomes obsolete and yet it is exactly what humanity needs. Sometimes progress needs to be redirected to a better road to travel down.

I think it would be very beneficial if society  returned to the calm of simplicity. To once again enjoy silence , to have less but feel richer,  to find meaning in what truly matters and not in a contrived, superficial reality.  We are losing our connection to nature, the worlds most powerful anti-depressant.  Our social media activity isolates us physically and we have lost touch with real interaction with others. Our lives are becoming Twitter abbreviations just like letters no longer grace our mailboxes. Yes I am all in favor of change, but change that will be best for mankind not harm it. Television and movies have dehumanized death and murder and torn our morals asunder.If we are honest about what we are witnessing we would have to admit our ways are lessening society,  not improving it. We are coming apart.

Just because a few rich people in leadership roles desire the world to be a certain way doesn’t mean we have to go along with their ideas, but we have. What do WE want? I would venture to guess most of us want a safer and more loving world.  We want honest news and reporting not partisan lies and propaganda. We ache for honest leaders who have our best interest at heart. We want to end the disparity between the few and the many, equality and justice for all not just for the rich. We want to be free to live our lives the way we desire to live them, we want the judgment  to end, closed mindedness to end and refreshing, inspiring new thoughts offered to lift us up and guide us in a better direction. We refuse to buy into fear any longer, we are onto the game and we have removed ourselves from playing along.

The world seems to run by what the wealthy want rather than what the people as a whole want. I think the time has come for society to stand up and demand better by our actions. We must support the way of life we desire and refuse to be a part of what we don’t want, no matter what. The world has become manipulated by Corporations who want everything their way including your money. Keep it, don’t make them richer than they already are, learn to live happily with less, ignore the 24/7 mind control on television to buy this and buy that, you need this, you need that. This is what is making people’s minds feel like they are about to explode. We are being hustled every moment of every day and it is sucking the meaning out of life.

People seem to be falling apart everywhere and they don’t know what to do to save themselves. Turn off the TV, simplify your life, live with less and enjoy the true appreciation of what you do have and stop worrying about what you don’t have. Do you make time to eat your meals around a table as a family? Do you make it a priority to do things together as a whole instead of doing what you want to do alone? Begin to wean yourself off of social media, each week allow yourself less time to be on it. It’s an addiction just like drugs or alcohol, so it will not be easy to do without it. Anyone who is held captive by addiction does not live free. These are the kinds of hard choices we must make if we wish to return to a more peaceful and meaningful life. If you can successfully create a more simple life for yourselves you can step away from the chaos and find yourself again.

Lastly I would urge everyone to relearn the fine art of asking questions. Stop believing everything you are told, learn to connect the dots so you can be conscious of what is really going on around you.  So step back, detach from the insanity and concentrate on making a simple life for yourself and your family. Rediscover the meaning of why you are here, what gifts do you have to offer the world and how we can help save humanity by standing up for what we want. So many people think there is nothing they can do, we are doomed. Think bigger, think outside the box, allow yourselves to stretch your mind and step over boundaries that have been holding you captive. Breathe deeply and open your arms and heart to a better way of being in this world and leave behind the insanity so many are drowning in, This is freedom at its finest! It’s your life, how do you wish to live it?

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I was reading this article and it sure helps to make sense of the insanity this country is facing right now. Often times one feels like they are losing their mind, nothing makes sense and boy is it uncomfortable to be here right now. It makes you want to scream           ” ENOUGH ALREADY! STOP!” This article explains a bit about what is going on and as I have always said, get FREE of television. It is hijacking your mind and making you think about reality the way they want you to think about it. Take everything you hear with a case of salt these days. We are being played for fools. Here is the article. Awaken!

Cosmic Weather Report…

Cosmic Weather Report

May 2017:
Fire Follows the Square
                                                      by Mark Borax                                                              
Putney Mountain, Vermont
From January through April a Grand Square pressurized the cosmic weather, driving people to the edge of their sanity. That’s now given way to a preponderance of Fire signs throughout May. When Fire follows a Square emotional release runs rampant. The gift of fire is a creative surge that throws back the darkness. Now’s the time to tap what turns you on, what lights you up, what illuminates the world around you, and radiate that along your own creative byways — do not hold back, which contradicts the nature of this element.
As a Rooster 1 year numerologically and by Oriental animal year (see New Year’s report) we’re being challenged over and over this year to keep rising above the dense view from street-level to spot the higher potential of what each moment can lead to. It’s the nature of fire to jump the gap from here to there, but it takes extra visioning power to recognize how some times in history — namely this one — can lead to something brighter, better, more reflective of the higher nature of the species. As news mounts up day after day of reasons not to believe in something higher, finer, nobler, better — the rooster within us has to keep scrambling to the top of the barn and let everyone in on the future it glimpses just beyond the dark of night.
As you rise above the fray, and keep rising, day by day, keep reorienting yourself to the dawn, to the good things that become possible when you let your imagination trump the reasons not to believe — you join growing circles of visionaries and dreamers in many countries who deny the lies of their so-called leaders and are striking out to reach awakening souls everywhere with the call of a higher consciousness.
With fire on the rise, following the square, let every part of you that’s been held back aim itself toward the world you’re going to create, the life you’re going to grasp, the dream you cannot extinguish. Fire is the wildest and most contagious of the four elements, and the truth of our time is that humanity is capable of far more good than bad. It’s just that the bad has taken over politics and media, and so spiritual outlaws are needed by the tens of thousands, to counter the dominant lies with some good, hard truths of the soul.
Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?


Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
2012 and the Cosmic Weather Report can be ordered from bookstores and Amazon.