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I was reading this article and it sure helps to make sense of the insanity this country is facing right now. Often times one feels like they are losing their mind, nothing makes sense and boy is it uncomfortable to be here right now. It makes you want to scream           ” ENOUGH ALREADY! STOP!” This article explains a bit about what is going on and as I have always said, get FREE of television. It is hijacking your mind and making you think about reality the way they want you to think about it. Take everything you hear with a case of salt these days. We are being played for fools. Here is the article. Awaken!

5 thoughts on “Well Now….

  1. Its hard to think about isn’t it.. But the relevant articles of the Whistle-Blower linked to the article make your skin crawl.. But the very same thought had crossed my mind about the recent events in the UK. The more who can expose these things the better..
    Love and Hugs and thank you for sharing once again VK. ❤

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    • Exactly DW ! and even worse, everything going on around me these days seems to make my skin crawl.It’s a very creepy time to be here, almost otherworldly. Once you are awake and observe things from a new perspective, all of what is going on begins to unfortunately make sense. The truth of our reality at the moment is definitely ‘skin crawl worthy’….We just have to keep pushing hard for what we know is right, not acknowledge the insanity at all, if that is even possible. Acknowledging it only seems to give it more power. At the same time I am someone who does not sit quietly. I guess they would label me a resister.I hate the word ” Resister” as it it so negative and they well know it. It’s why we are always given such negative names. I rather see us as “Pioneers” fighting for change in every positive way it can come about…Be well friend and stay peaceful…Hugs..VK ❤

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      • Pioneer is a great word.. There are many of us incarnate right now dear VK.. And my hubby who is often a middle of the road kind of man.. Who has supported me in my Spiritual work. But who needs proof about everything.. A great skeptic but one who once finds the truth in something sees there is more ‘Out there’ than meets the eye.. 🙂
        Only today he said to me. This world is not what we are told it is.. He is a very quiet thinker.. and he said Sue, this world is all make-believe.. To what those in Power want us to believe.. ( he was speaking as our Election takes off ) . But as we talked deeper.. We got to speaking on those behind those in Power.. And they are panicking.. I know we are waking… And all we need is that critical Mass.. 😉 So you too stay well and in Peace my dear dear friend. for all is well in our world.. I feel it in my bones. The Universe knows what its doing.. 🙂

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    • You summed everything up in one sentence Sue! ” The universe knows what it is doing”…It does and I think perhaps once long ago we believed in such things but have forgotten. Perhaps we should step back and learn to trust the Universe again instead of always thinking we know best. The truth is no longer dripping out, its pouring out and the time is upon us when reality explodes from what people thought it was to what it really is. It will be quite shocking. Think how long we have all been adjusting to the truth. Beneath the fear and violence so many are gripped by, lies the truth about who we are and what has been done to us for so long now. Things over here are exploding daily. I’m sure there as well. All is good beneath the bad. I think the world needs to relearn the fine art of FAITH. It has become obsolete…Be well and have a great weekend…Hugs…VK ❤

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